"Guess I'm your pottery supervisor"
Japanese scientists have invented a new loop-based quantum computing technique that renders a far larger number of calculations more efficiently than existing quantum computers, allowing a single circuit to process more than 1 million qubits theoretically, as reported in Physical Review Letters.
Happy 66th birthday, Mark Hamill!
Just in. Exclusive pictures of Australia's Space Program.
Thinking of a good title can be more difficult than the Gif itself
(((Our))) President
?? Ever seen a baby humpback whale drinking its mother's milk? [x-post /r/UnderTheSea]
Meanwhile, in an alternate universe...
[Image] The couple from the Woodstock '69 album cover are still together
Crazy man rides the subway on the outside.
Joe Kinan was horribly burned in the 2003 Station nightclub fire, which killed his girlfriend Karla and 99 other people. Here he is in 2014, smiling with his newborn daughter, Hadley.
Some say she's still there to this very day
Mama snowdoggo gives her pupper a big lovehuggo
Forbes cover in 2007
Best friends forever..?
Precision feeding a lucky lazy hedgehog
A lurker for two years, the first comment by /u/littleboss37 is to contextualize the video an Opera performance where the singer hits a high A-flat, the highest note to have ever been sung at the Met, because the video is of her
When my friends are down
at being the predator
Counting is fun with friends
Jared Kushner used private email for White House business
My brother's cat has thumbs
Rock climbing cat
Trying to drift
Neighbor was involved in a hit and run and is trying to identify the red vehicle that hit him. Any idea what vehicle this could be from? Cheers!
When you find out the new iPhone X costs $999
RBR Confirm they'll be racing as Aston Martin Red Bull Racing in 2018
"Sometimes I don't think about killing my human"
My Grandpa and Grandma :) (1950?)
TIL While viewing porn, men tend to focus on a woman’s eyes and lips over breasts or genitals. Researchers speculate that men look at women’s faces to determine how “turned on” the woman is.
See Through Suppressor in Super Slow Motion (110,000 fps). Finally did it and it was everything I had hoped it would be.
Guy lied on fb about getting two cars for his birthday, gets completely ruined in the comments.
German police stops car with what turns out to be a blood sticker. No charges because "awful taste is not a crime".
Trump Criticizing Trump?
On this day in 1980, John "Bonzo" Bonham was found dead after a drinking binge. Here're some facts about his life. RIP, Bonzo.
If you hard. Then you hard.
Sometimes I wonder how vegans survive off of what little they eat
Yeah I think I'm gonna pass, Australia
In case you haven't seen the 15x on the mini.
243 moundofwick Those beetles are fucking up those trees.
106 GetOffRedditASAP If anyone is wondering why there are brown/yellow evergreen trees: bark beetles. I wrote a research paper on this a while ago. More than [102 million trees]( have died in California since 2010 due to a combination of drought and disease. Normally, disease will only kill sick and old trees. However, unprecedented, extended low levels of winter precipitation throughout all of California has weakened tens of millions of trees. Trees have drought resilience, but can only last so many years. A compromised tree cannot properly defend itself from disease. The most destructive disease has been [bark beetles]( (Mountain pine, Jeffrey Pine, Western Pine), which are insects smaller than a dime that bore into the cambia of trees. Bark beetles have ravaged Western US forests in the past two decades. Scientist attribute the bark beetle epidemic to hotter and drier climate, some whom say it’s a consequence of anthropogenic climate change. The drought and bark beetles have taken the biggest toll in the Central and Southern Sierras. Pine trees (e.g. Grey, Knobcone, Ponderosa, Jeffrey, Lodgepole) have been impacted the greatest. It’s important to note that of the 102 million dead trees, 62 million died in 2016, marking a 100% increase in mortality from 2015. Additionally, report was published November of 2016; likely many more trees have died since than. Here’s a tree mortality [map]( Here’s more information on the [crisis](
19 Podcaster Not enough Earth porn out there centred on rainy fall days...
19 WorldOfInfinite Tunnel view is the best. There is no other feeling like driving through that dark tunnel only to see this sight reveal itself as you drive out.
8 _Cohiba My favourite part of Yosemite is all of it
5 teamguy89 /r/mildlyskyrim
13 soboatuh just gorg
5 Sodacons It's like a fantasy!
4 Alectrona3 I want to go so bad
14 Antiorp But it’s only September.
3 ali_moomoo I will never get over the beauty of this place!!
3 Pjabs This is Skellige, I'm sure if it
6 1flewunder I like to call yosem the land before time
2 codeByNumber Awesome! I'm headed out there mid-late October this year (first time). Any recommended spots to catch some of the changing leaves?
2 Krateng Did they steal Lauterbrunnen's height map?!
2 alfreeland Beautiful
2 Vtnn01 I feel like you got this from the selection of default Mac desktop pictures.