Rick Astley - Never Gonna Give You Up, but only the bartender
US bombers fly close to North Korea to show "president has many military options to defeat any threat" - Pentagon
Alligator lizard fighting back from inside the belly of a King snake
?????? /r/NatureIsFuckingLit just hit 600,000 subs! Let's raise $6,000 for the Animal Welfare Institute, the top charity the community voted to support! Info on how to donate in comments.
Girl smashes a beer on her face, then drains it
Tuck me in so I can sleep
UN solution for a pollution free planet: polluters should pick up the bill. “The profit of destroying nature or polluting the planet is nearly always privatized, while the costs of polluting the planet or the cost of destroying ecosystems is nearly always socialized,”
leaving your door unlocked at a safari park
Cyclist gets tossed into river after pushing down another rider in a race
A shattered window
wholesome pubg
Now That’s trigonometry
LeBron a savage for this one!
Every year my whole town is closed to traffic because everybody has dinner on the streets, around 12000 people. This is just my street.
PsBattle: A tit and showing off it's prey
LeBron James responds to Donald Trump rescinding Stephen Curry's invitation to the White House
Tripped up but self-saved.
The first texts my Grandma ever sent.
Layers on layers seen hiking around Mt Rainier (OC) [1600x2000]
If it works... it works, don't argue with logic
ITAP of sunset during fall equinox. Known here as Chicagohenge.
Cleaning up Space Trash.
TIL Scientists put slime mold onto a model of a map of Tokyo, with food representing urban centers. After a day, it created a network almost identical to Tokyo’s actual rail network. Human designers created that network to be as efficient as possible; slime mold did the same, but without a brain
Camera work level - Expert
That good succ
This is made with yarn
I'm ready for next Season Jaime
Chris Pratt on losing weight for 'Guardians of the Galaxy'.
Dab on the sinners
Security at every level of an airport is absolutely ridiculous. Until you get to the baggage claim. Then it’s just like take whatever bag you want.
When your whole life flashes before your eyes
My nightmare is back, why Nintendo :(
Oh boy
Didn't spill a drop
How to draw a tree
Largest study on physical activity involving 130,000 people in 17 countries showed that household chores such as vacuuming, or walking to work, provided enough exercise to protect the heart and extend life, with 30 minutes of physical activity five days a week reducing the risk of death by 28%.
[Postgame Thread] NC State Defeats Florida State 27-21
My friend met Elijah Wood at comic con
Raw, Sergio Garcia, Resin Sculpture, 2016
241 moundofwick Those beetles are fucking up those trees.
102 GetOffRedditASAP If anyone is wondering why there are brown/yellow evergreen trees: bark beetles. I wrote a research paper on this a while ago. More than [102 million trees]( have died in California since 2010 due to a combination of drought and disease. Normally, disease will only kill sick and old trees. However, unprecedented, extended low levels of winter precipitation throughout all of California has weakened tens of millions of trees. Trees have drought resilience, but can only last so many years. A compromised tree cannot properly defend itself from disease. The most destructive disease has been [bark beetles]( (Mountain pine, Jeffrey Pine, Western Pine), which are insects smaller than a dime that bore into the cambia of trees. Bark beetles have ravaged Western US forests in the past two decades. Scientist attribute the bark beetle epidemic to hotter and drier climate, some whom say it’s a consequence of anthropogenic climate change. The drought and bark beetles have taken the biggest toll in the Central and Southern Sierras. Pine trees (e.g. Grey, Knobcone, Ponderosa, Jeffrey, Lodgepole) have been impacted the greatest. It’s important to note that of the 102 million dead trees, 62 million died in 2016, marking a 100% increase in mortality from 2015. Additionally, report was published November of 2016; likely many more trees have died since than. Here’s a tree mortality [map]( Here’s more information on the [crisis](
21 Podcaster Not enough Earth porn out there centred on rainy fall days...
18 WorldOfInfinite Tunnel view is the best. There is no other feeling like driving through that dark tunnel only to see this sight reveal itself as you drive out.
9 _Cohiba My favourite part of Yosemite is all of it
6 teamguy89 /r/mildlyskyrim
12 soboatuh just gorg
4 Sodacons It's like a fantasy!
5 Alectrona3 I want to go so bad
12 Antiorp But it’s only September.
3 ali_moomoo I will never get over the beauty of this place!!
3 Pjabs This is Skellige, I'm sure if it
5 1flewunder I like to call yosem the land before time
2 codeByNumber Awesome! I'm headed out there mid-late October this year (first time). Any recommended spots to catch some of the changing leaves?
2 Krateng Did they steal Lauterbrunnen's height map?!
2 alfreeland Beautiful
2 Vtnn01 I feel like you got this from the selection of default Mac desktop pictures.