Looking at pictures online of people trying to take photos of mirrors they want to sell is my new thing...
In The Road To El Dorado, when Tzekel-Khan is flipping through his ritual book, an Aztec/Mayan version of the Dreamworks logo can be seen on one of the pages.
TIL that the wife of George Lucas, Marcia Lucas, won an Oscar in 1977 for Best Film Editing in Star Wars. To date, George Lucas has won zero Oscars.
Stream in the woods
Paulinho Boracini scores a 3 pointer after a pass to himself on a free throw to win the game.
The way the sun has weathered this sign so it looks like its heavy metal style.
Wasn’t sure whether to post this here or on r/trees..
Trying to avoid water
Oh boy that'd be awkward
Paint me like one of your french cats
Madlad is committed... to public service!
Human stem cell treatment cures alcoholism in rats. Rats that had previously consumed the human equivalent of over one bottle of vodka every day for up to 17 weeks under free choice conditions drank 90% less after being injected with the stem cells.
Couple meets at speed-dating event, fall in love. He’s 92, she is 80
Innocent man traps himself in endless loop of death (Xpost from r/Wellthatsucks)
China built a 250 acre solar farm shaped like a giant panda.
Pure happiness
This mall is a Pokemon Gym so it turned its lobby into a Pokemon Arena.
Cast of Fresh Prince at the Playboy Mansion — 1992
They're not very nice to him
Charges dropped against most Turkish officers who beat protesters in US
Crossover in creation
When I see another shotgun added (as a lover of shotguns)
No Charge for 11 Turkish Agents Accused of Attacking D.C. Protesters
Apply holy water
Dog becomes friends with a river otter while out on a walk
Baby turtle will brighten up your day
road trip
Kiss me, I'm Irish!
Graphics: Ultra Low
Ninja Training Grounds
Marvel: 'Infinity War is the most ambitious crossover event in history.' Me:
Deadpool 2 | Official Trailer
Asking people to work for below poverty wages so you can own a business is entitlement at it's finest.
My selfies never turn out this good..
Rate of Executive Orders per President [OC]
“When I was a kid we...”
the "last few minutes in a lecture hall" starter pack
This perfect reflection.
[Image] Time is a choice
C-5 Galaxy Cargo Intake
3051 MimiMyMy My cat did the same thing with my baby. He would sneak into the crib and just snuggle up at the baby’s feet. He was always careful and he never laid down near the baby’s head or face. He was a good boy.
985 Paraspet I had a cat who loved children. He adored my two girls and would meet them from school every day. If they were outside playing he would always be with them. We lived right next to a school and if I looked out at break time and saw a group of children huddled together, you could bet your life he would be in the middle of them being petted. When my girls went trick or treating round the neighbourhood with their friends he would be there trotting along beside them. If I was ever looking for him, all I needed to do was look for the nearest group of children and nine times out of ten that’s where he’d be.
1166 Skull_storm I love how the cat just plops down
557 Superfreshsmell My dog has been doing this with my belly since I've gotten pregnant. I wonder if he'll be close to the baby like this, too.
315 -ImJustSaiyan- Let him sleep you monster!
267 indominus_prime That child is now under feline protection.
411 Phyre36 I'm not sure if the cat likes the baby, or just likes the warm blanket.
169 VersatileDoubt “No leave me be. This flesh burrito radiates heat.”
39 EliLeFey When I was taken home from the hospital my family had a calico named Heidi who moved into my crib, to my mother's approval, because the cat kept me occupied and entertained.
71 AnonymousDratini "Smol human is warm. Smol human is where I sleeps."
282 strangersIknow I'll never understand people who think cats are heartless or don't have feelings when there are clips like this. Cats have proven time and time again that they are just as empathetic and affectionate as dogs and people. Just look up the cat that saved the kid from a dog, or the cat that kept the Russian baby warm and followed it to the ambulance when help arrived. Cats are so fucking good.
38 HoldenTite Cat: "But it is soft and warm, and I don't think it will be able to defend its food"
16 xenovrs Can you imagine if cats knew about the millions of other cats who live all over the world? My house alone has a cat community of six and the neighborhood has about maybe 25. When cats become self aware they will become as sentient as human beings and enlighten the world.