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258 jonosvision I wish more missing posters did this. It always breaks my heart to see them. I had an inside/outside cat run away when we moved and made it 5 miles back to our old home, which he somehow found through witchcraft. He had a cut infected paw which we ended up having to treat with antiseptic, but besides that, he was just fine. I got an email at 11pm from a friend who knew my neighbour, saying the neighbour had seen him around (after being missing a whole week). I remember getting out of my friend's car at midnight (no car of my own and he was still awake thankfully) and calling his name, when I heard that meow back I just lost it and bawled like a baby. I never thought I'd see him again and he was my first cat I got when I'd just moved out on my own at 17. His decision to go on an adventure helped inspire me never having inside/outside cats again.
412 Mmmelissamarie HOORAY!
143 MuFugginFudge Now I'm worried. Anybody could've wrote that on it. How do we know it's the owner himself?
54 IrideTheDirt That's awesome! And super cool she put an update up! Do you know how she found her cat? And where he went? When I was fairly young, maybe 12, my family had a cat who was basically my moms favorite. He was big, but not a fat cat, long and stromg and tall. A grey and white cat named Tucker. One day tucker vanished. That happens sometimes when you have outdoor cats. We lost a few over the years once they built a new road close to our house, some great cats. Anyhow, that's what we thought happened to tucker. And by the way, finding your pet dead on the road is pretty awful, never finding them is, in a totally different way, just as bad. We put up signs, looked everywhere, etc. he was gone nearly a month, and one day he came walking up to the house. He was skinny, a bit dehydrated, and rough, almost like a stray. He recovered though and lived on, he was tough. We never found out where he had been. If he was trapped, 3 weeks with no food or water would have killed him. I often wonder if he got trapped in a trailer or something and driven far away, and freaked out and ran when the door opened a couple days later, scared hungry and dehydrated, and then somehow found his way home over the next 3 weeks... who knows though... he was a great cat.
14 Ughable Was probably hanging out with Family B
11 dakotakrahnbih Why couldn't they have just taken down the missing sign?
8 lewisjames000 This makes me think. I wonder what the success rate is for these lost pet signs and if they actually have an influence on whether the animal gets returned or not.
8 vincidahk That last seen 48 hours ago is pretty worthless information.
19 EenGekkeJOngen Still hot.
8 thehouseofupsidedown Shouldn't they just...take it down?
5 shitnugget99 Glad the kitty was found! Just a tip to anyone else.. put the date the animal went missing, not "missing for 48 hours". Some people might assume it's an old poster and not even bother.
5 svenhoek86 Man my dog went missing once. Had her since I was 7 and she was probably 15 at the time. I couldn't even fucking breath. 22 years old and balling my eyes out on the phone with my mom while she was at work. She comes home and helps my inconsolable ass make some flyers. We go out and literally the first flyer we put up the vet calls and says they have her. Someone saw her stumbling down the road dehydrated and brought her to the same vet we took her to. So they recognized her and called immediately. I thought I was crying hard when I thought she was gone, but I was fucking done when I saw her perk up and wag her tail at me when I came through the door. It was bad when she passed, but holy shit the thought of losing the dog I had had since I was 7 after so long was not possible. That shit would have haunted me until I died. Whoever the angel was that dropped her off got me three more years with her and if I get alzheimers one day I guarantee that will be one of the last memories to go.