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TIL a Dutch student once 'faked' a gap year as part of a university project to show how social media is not reflective of real life. Using edited/staged pictures, she created an illusion on Facebook she was travelling around South East Asia for over a month. In reality, she never left her apartment.
'Utterly horrifying': ex-Facebook insider says covert data harvesting was routine.
[Image] this is the most motivating thing I have seen in any cartoon.
This Opal Looks Like A Sunset In The Clouds
Device explodes in FedEx building outside San Antonio, police say
Jon and Arya have their first heart to heart since reuniting at Winterfell - Season 8, Episode 1
The Beginning of a Beautiful Friendship
Experiments that ask children to draw a researcher show a greater proportion of women in sketches over time. In the 1960s and 1970s, 99.4% of children drew a male scientist. That proportion dropped to 72% between 1985 and 2016. By the 2010s, about one in three drawings portrayed a female scientist.
How to Fantasize about BDSM with One-Punch-Man
If this post gets 4,096 upvotes, I'll post again with twice as many Ewans
Only children of reddit, what is something that people with siblings don't understand?
Dog lies down in the middle of the sidewalk so she can ask for belly rubs from every passerby.
My best friend and me in Afghanistan, and us watching our first sunset after retirement.
Crazy skills.
Morgan Freeman showing Oprah he's not Samuel L. Jackson
There is nothing better than realizing, right after you wake up, that you won't have to face repercussions for the terrible choices you made in your dream.
Choose your fighter, the others will fight you
These two girls love each other
Sudan, the last male northern white rhino, who died today aged 45
P is for Pain
Biker losing their balance and falling off a huge cliff
High Ground Advantage
Monkey reacts to magic trick.
Redditor gives a long and detailed breakdown of how Russia has infiltrated Facebook and how Zuckerberg is personally connected to the oligarchs.
Slavoj Žižek thinks political correctness is exactly what perpetuates prejudice and racism
An acquaintance accidentally mailed a wedding invite to a wrong address, got a kind reply.
Something's not right here...
George Orwell square in Barcelona
Serena Williams casually discussing ATLA/Korra with fans
Saudi women should have choice whether to wear abaya robe: crown prince
Shooting at Great Mills High School in Maryland, school confirms
Good boy
Six micro robots pull a car
I can just sneak by...
Asian guy walks into a bar
Hey starving artists, let me tell you why you should charge less than you already do.
[homemade] Cheese n Chorizo toastie with hot sauce splashed on top.
1 awkwardtheturtle I don't want to take too much of your time, so I'll try to keep it short. When I was 15, I was diagnosed with dwarfism. I've also been depressed for quite some time now. All of the bullying and mockery I've had to bear has made my life quite difficult. In the past year my mental problems have started to go away to some degree. I've been able to accept the fact that I'm not and will never be a normal person, at least when it comes to my appearences. But lately I've started to run into pictures of Donald Trump (who I do not support, if you're curious) edited to be very small all over the internet. Apparently the pictures are a way for people to mock him. What they don't realize is that for me, seeing those pictures is an everyday reminder that my kind are not wanted or liked in our society. Everytime I see such a picture I lose all hope and happiness I've managed to build up that day. But I'm not stupid. I don't think one post will change much. None of this will change who I am. But don’t let this distract you from the fact that in 1998, The Undertaker threw Mankind off Hell In A Cell, and plummeted 16 ft through an announcer’s table. [Thank you for reading this.](
682 WockTheHitmanHart I'm astounded by how relatable memes have gotten these days
1089 purushothamkvn **CLOSES EYES BACK**
806 punny_you_said_that Lips are lips
279 denkeyus Nohomo
216 LunarLandingProd H O M I E S E X U A L S
135 VanRedditholme It’s not gay if you’re both straight.
127 Dankmememistress2018 r/suddenlygay
90 bEEaverknight You are*
174 Lets69Chipmunks LMFAO! This shit reminds me of me! I was playing Madden with my friend Patrick and we made a bet. If I lost I had to give him 20 bucks but if he lost he had to suck my dick. He was the Pats and I was a playing as a fake fantasy team I created called 'The Trumps'. My quarterback had 95 speed so every time I needed to pick up a first down I would just fake a long pass and QB sneak. I ended up winning 21-03, which is weird because he normally beats me. After I won I was like "well, I dont even think I want you to suck my dick bc that would basically make me gay too." So I said "okay, you dont have to do it, but you just have to pay me 20 bucks," He said "no, a deal is a deal and I dont even have 20 bucks" So I was like "fuck it, YOLO" I decided to look at porn so that I could get turned on. He said, "here, check out these pics" and handed me his cell phone. They were pics of his hot ass girlfriend! She was wearing sexy panties....instant boner! I unzipped my pants and said, "time to pay the piper!" He started sucking, I closed my eyes and laid my head back. DANG, I thought, this feels pretty fucking cool! He was even using his hands to rub my legs. It was actually pretty fucking passionate and enjoyable. Then I looked down and the fucker was beating his fuckin meat! I am not even joking he was getting off by sucking my dick! I thought that if he was really enjoying it that much maybe giving head was actually fucking fun! I told him to stand up and lowered myself to his dick..."YOLO" I thought. His dong was seriously like the same exact size as mine and looked almost identical! It was fucking cool! Anyways, we took turns trading head for awhile before 69ing to completion. Did we swallow? hehe...dont ask! lol, we are still friends but have never done it again. He actually got his girl pregnant shortly after. We never kissed or anything so I dont really consider it full-gay.
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