Man wins $390,000 in gender discrimination case because a woman got the promotion he was more qualified for
Reddit's reaction when the world has finally begun to turn against Facebook
Nerf This
Nearly 30 years elapsed; just before my retirement, we re-created my favorite photo of my oldest son & I...
Fox found in fishermen’s bag after eating all the fish
Stop it.
Reversing without looking into the mirror wcgw.
TIL that in early 2016, a woman tracked down the family of a WWII veteran whose Purple Heart she bought at an Arizona Goodwill store for $4.99
My friend got all of his groomsmen personalized bobble heads as wedding gifts.
In the “you know how I know you’re gay?” scene of 40 Year Old Virgin, Paul Rudd is wearing a shirt that has his own face on it
a haystack stacker
A black-capped chickadee hand-feeding
the r/evilbuildings starterpack
You get what you ask for
LPT: If you rent a tool from Home Depot after 6pm (mine closes at 9pm) you can rent it for the 4 hour price versus the 24hr price as long as you get it back to them by 9am the next day.
Reddit, fucking stop.
My brother sent this to me and said he bought a “hipster drone”
Fox broke into fisherman's bag and ate all the fish!
It would not be polite to ask the President to walk farther than 100 feet without a golf cart.
The Old Colony Building, Chicago. Built 1893, power washed 2009.
Diller carefully eats my avocados, then brings me the cleaned pits. I sprout them, then give them away with a picture of him cleaning that particular one.
Ninety-five theses
8192 pixels of Obi Wan. Upvote this and I'll post 16384 next.
My dad passed away this morning
Goalkeeper Sam Bartram, alone on the pitch, not realizing that the game had been abandoned 15 minutes earlier due to heavy fog - 25 dec 1937
Bad ass looking giant Harpy Eagle
Everyone loves Jim's signature look, but Kevin's side glance is a beauty of its own
The tension keeps the string rigid.
Secret compartment shoebox
Dog reacts to clown mask.
Greatmills Highschool Deputy Blaine Gaskill took down the active shooter at my little brothers Highschool today. The world needs more people like him.
The real facts
[Image] Thank you, GetMotivated!
This fit is a 0 out of 10
Trump’s national security advisers warned him not to congratulate Putin. He did it anyway.
Saw this on Facebook, thought it deserved to be here.
Like a search engine
"That Wanaka Tree" in Lake Wanaka, New Zealand [6700x4450] [OC]
The co-founder of WhatsApp just told everyone to delete Facebook
The detail on a 500 year old marble sculpture. Michaeangelo, "David" [1501-1504]
384 Shnoochieboochies Ah the 80's, besides the steering wheel, I don't think there is another curve in this picture, even the 0 on the dash is a square.
58 Sweatybballz > Aircraft-inspired cockpit > > The inside of the car had many aircraft-like features such as pod mounted lighting, climate control and wiper controls. The standard tilting-telescoping steering moved the instrument panel to keep it lined up with the steering column when tilting. The shifter was joystick-shaped and had a thumb trigger interlock and "on-demand" four-wheel drive button. The approach to steering wheel adjustment was also seen in the Isuzu Piazza and the Ford Probe introduced earlier in the 1980s. Turbo models featured a sort of artificial horizon orange backlit liquid crystal instrument display with the tachometer, boost indicator, temperature and fuel gauges seen as three-dimensional graphs tilting back out to the horizon. The aircraft cockpit approach reflected influences from Subaru's parent company Fuji Heavy Industries, which also manufactured aircraft, such as the Fuji FA200 Aero Subaru. > > The XT was loaded with features rarely found on small cars, such as a turbocharger, a computer-controlled engine and transmission, adjustable height suspension[1] and an optional digital instrument cluster. The air suspension was inspired by various manufacturers who used **Hydropneumatic suspension**, such as Citroen, and Mercedes-Benz. The XT also had some features found on few other cars, such as an electronic in-dash trip computer, **retractable flaps** covering the door handles**, and a single wiper blade for the entire windscreen. Pass-through folding rear seats and racing style front seats were standard equipment.
160 CreepyOrlando My uncle had one of these long ago, it was fucking awesome.
46 PhemtoPhantom Man I love these types of car interiors. Same with a 1985 Datsun 200sx (not as awesome as this one), it's electronic gauges really caught my eye. I was so close to scoring one, but chickened out because of the horror stories I heard about those electronic gauges amongst other things.
30 TheCheckeredCow My favorite part is how the climate control buttons and such are these pods coming off the steering column, your passengers are sol if they don't like the temp lol
11 SquidJeans r/retrofuturism
9 ArmedWindex The Japanese subtitle says it all - “Concentrate in comfort. Just like the feeling of an airplane pilot.”
7 chilliboots Iirc if you lifted the hood it was really neat under there also, it looked like a nuclear reactor to me. The commercial for it was good to.
6 areola_cherry_cola There’s something about retro futurism that is so fucking badass
6 stealthsport 1980s japan- buttons for everything. 80 series Landcruiser, oh my god even came with an ice maker.
4 YakuzaMachine This is what an Atari would look like if it was a car. I love it.
7 jimkiller The windows on this car are atrocious.
3 suseu I’m confused. Those are not someones attractive grandparents.
7 Paffmassa Where’s the flux capacitor?