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"King", Colored Pencil on Paper, 7x7"
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The Senate’s push to overrule the FCC on net neutrality now has 50 votes
TIL that Glenn Shadix, the actor who played Otho in Beetlejuice, was subjected to “ex gay” electrical shock treatments when he came out to his parent. When this failed to change his orientation, he attempted suicide and survived a 3 day coma. After the incident, his parents accept ed his sexuality.
these words still haunt me today.
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Rock band playing outside of H.S. for a film festival. Hotdogs were being grilled, and I felt a number of wieners hit my body. Photo captures evidence (2004)
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Iceland has become the first major retailer to commit to eliminate plastic packaging for all own brand products within five years to help end the "scourge" of plastic pollution. The retailer said it would be replacing plastic with packaging including paper and pulp trays and paper bags.
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LPT: If you're nervous about asking your boss/potential employer about raises/salary, don't think of them as authority figures you hope will be more generous, think of them as customers who are buying your time.
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My friend walked by this neon sign in little siberian city and accidentally police guard went to call making perfect cyberpunk aesthetic
‘Paddington 2’ is the Fourth Film to Score 100% on Rotten Tomatoes With Over 100 Reviews
6967 theyrejustcookies And she probably has an infinity sign tattoo on her wrist
287 bonesbbb His boss at former job “didn’t appreciate him”
7577 fggx Oddly specific
981 yolo_lol_wut His family loves the girlfriend but the girlfriend's family/friends hate him. Also, when she threatens to break up with him he talks about the business he's trying to start (something vague but believable enough) or how he's going to enroll in community college classes for the next term (specific area of study unclear).
4300 swiperjethro You forgot playing the guitar and eventually getting kicked out and ending up living in a nearby pit.
742 featheredfelon This was about a 3rd of the girls in my community college bio class. It was part of a program to get some certificate that would allow for advancement in the medical assistant field, so half the positions were reserved for nursing students. -She works, but still does all the chores at home. Their home is messy. They rely on convenience foods and takeout because he doesn't cook and she doesn't have time. -Because of this diet she has gained a few pounds and doesn't have a lot of free time to exercise or meet other people. So, she doesn't dump him because she doesn't think she could find anyone else. Also he 'can be really sweet sometimes'. -He may not be a drug dealer but he hangs out with drug dealers and has a low key coke habit. Plays an FPS that's a few years old but still has a following. -He gets caught up in MLMs easily. Has had his information stolen by applying to shady gigs on Craigslist. -Every few months he'll get some temp sales gig, pay one bill, and blow all the rest of the money on dumb toys. -He will be selling you mini-drones in the mall around christmas. -He 'Was going to' take out the trash/load the dishwasher/do the dishes -'Babe do you have money for smokes?' -The same caring nature that brought her to the medical field is preventing her from leaving him -She arrives late because he went out last night and didn't bring back her car in time for her to get to work -Calls patients 'hon' without any intention of being snotty
320 adamTHEman95 Lol you guys gonna have a bunch of dudes homeless by the end of this thread
1829 The_Jellybeany So basically Andy from Parks and Rec.
2180 My_Body_The_Mystery You're missing the Xbox / gaming PC. Overflowing ashtray with perched roach and the steampunk kazoo vape. She has a "scrunchy" on at all times and a coffee mug that could possibly pass as a coffee pot by volume
667 thanksforthework You forgot the dog filter selfie every single day and motivational quotes with “fuck” somehow shoehorned into them.
320 LadyJR I knew someone exactly like. He cheated on his girlfriend with any girl willing and threw parties. Supposedly he stopped cheating, works, but still parties and spends lots of money on booze.
369 unicorn_feces33 Is this that common? Like I know a family like this but I thought that was just like 1 sad story not a trend.
1829 thesomeot He's kind of a dick who's really good at convincing himself (and others) that his shortcomings aren't his fault and should be overlooked. She went for a two year degree or some sort of certification that has a decent starting salary but no real room for growth. Alternatively she could be a dental assistant, hair stylist, or receptionist. Their relationship is bad (not awful, but should have ended a long time ago), but they've been together a long time (probably high school) and are codependent on each other. Am I correct? Edit because I forgot a key element of why she stays with him: She was probably pretty good looking when she was younger but she's let herself go (a lot of it due to the stress). She's aware she's not as attractive (and he probably brings it up sometimes) and it drives her fear that if she leaves him she won't be able to find anyone else.
415 DumbassJ Damn this is so true. My mother who worked in the medical field had a boyfriend like this.
177 kittyspaceship Every time she gets a little bit of sense and threatens to leave him, he cries and threatens to kill himself. She falls for it and ends up staying and supporting him because she feels sorry for him and she doesn’t want to be alone. They never travel or do anything fun. He plays video games all day and ignores her while she scrolls through Facebook and sees all the fun her high school friends are having. They’re all successful and have successful boyfriends. They’re getting married and having babies. She posts an obscene amount of couple pictures on her Facebook in the hopes that everyone thinks she’s happy. The most exciting part of her week is when they go out to Buffalo Wild Wings. She drives them there and pays the whole bill.