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5455 noelbejoogin Where is your Cod now
2678 GoRacerGo >Blue lingcod: Though usually white-hued like halibut or cod, lingcod, a West Coast bottom-dwelling species, occasionally looks as though it's been marinated overnight in a tray of Blue No. 2 food dye. >Love writes in his book that a bile pigment called biliverdin seems to be responsible for turning the blood serum of these fish their stunning color — but how this pigment gets into the tissues and flesh of the fish, or why only some lingcod turn this striking shade, is a mystery to biologists. >Lingcod — a member of the greenling family — isn't the only West Coast species to turn up with blue-green meat. Its cousins, the rock greenling and the kelp greenling, are sometimes tinted turquoise, as is an unrelated sculpin called the cabezon, which shares the same habitat. >Worthington says the rare turquoise individuals taste the same as their white brethren. And during cooking, the blue color vanishes entirely. Those lucky enough to encounter a blue fillet at the fish counter may be drawn to it for its aesthetic appeal; Worthington says turquoise lingcod fillets always sell faster than their white counterparts.
821 Jiggidy40 One fish two fish red fish blue fish
323 Javad0g Ling Cod. I fish those guys off my kayak in Northern California. They are a blast to fish, and they have HUGE conical teeth. I have a scar on the webbing between my thumb and index finger from a fish I brought up a few years ago. Was about 32" long and weighed about 7LB. You could have made a man-sized fist and easily fit it into his mouth. Anyway, I get him up to my boat and then into the boat, and clamp him between my knees. He is trying to thrash about (they also have huge spines all over them) and he is poking the shit out of my legs. Not wanting to lose the fish, I take my gloved hand and cram my thumb and part of my hand into his mouth and grip him there and around the gills. He bites down, tearing right through my neoprene glove and into my hand. I did not lose that fish. But yes, when you fillet them, the meat is blue, though usually (where I am) the meat is a light blue, not sure if that photo is doctored or not, but in 25 years of fishing them, I have never seen meat *that* blue. However, when you cook the fillet, they turn white.
407 larry7220 How does that occur?
120 123455678910 1 part meat, 1 part Gatorade.
42 zyphore I'll ask the important question now, is it edible? Cooked or raw like a sashimi?
55 austinzzz smurf cod
25 A_Cheesy_Taco I didn’t know Swedish fish got a new color.
79 GreenFIREtoasT most of the time it's just grey, but that's not appealing so they dye it pink