Friend of mine told me to post here. Me in the mid 80's.
Incredibly skilled Inline Freestyle champion, Feng Hui
Rare white Swedish raindeer ??
Police dog loves his partner
Everyone in Hawaii is mad about the malfunction of the early warning system. Those fools.
Savage Pastor
Got my new plates today. (P.S. I'm a lawyer)
My son lives with his mother 3 hours away. I don’t get visitation that often and he’s old enough now to play online games, and just got GTA5 so now we can hang out and chat more or less every day :)
TIL Keanu Reeves often foregoes some of his paycheck so that producers can bring on other notable actors. On The Devil's Advocate, he reduced his salary by a few million dollars so that they could afford Al Pacino, and he did the same thing on The Replacements to be able to work with Gene Hackman.
The Original Dungeon and Dragon
The cover of the Princess Bride 20th Anniversary Edition DVD can be read upside down as well as right side up
Chrissy Teigen Boldly Offers to Pay Olympic Gymnast McKayla Maroney's 100k Fine If She Speaks at Larry Nasser Hearing
I took a picture of containers in Montreal's port.
My mom is learning how to sew. This chair-cover cooking set is her latest creation.
La de da de da de da de day oh
How laser cleaning works
What is the scariest, most terrifying thing that actually exists?
Iraqi soldier disarms 7-year-old boy after ISIS strap him with suicide belt
[Battlefield 1] Sinking ship comes back from the dead for revenge
Laser-cut paper notecards: As you use them, a hidden object is excavated
Here you go
MRW my girlfriend tells me she put my drum stick in her pussy but it gets mixed up with my friend's drum sticks and we can't tell which one it is.
$275 Required Spanish textbook is loose leaf paper wrapped in cellophane.
Don't Dead Open Inside
Cheese Stuffed Mash Beef Pie
New 'Ant-Man and the Wasp' image released.
EHF Euro 2018 - Sigurdsson penalty rebound
Passenger turned away from two flights after wearing 10 layers of clothing to avoid luggage fee
+1(800)273-8255 - U.S. National Suicide Hotline
I've got a bad feeling about this..
Man Gets Sucked Into Snowmobile
I’m Paul Thomas Anderson, writer and director of PHANTOM THREAD, AMA!
The skeleton of a King Cobra.
possibly the worst thing about this crash...
"These are the first steps" - Crait MOC Progress
I don't need any help holding these 4 beers
What started as a Halo 3 clan with 3 friends in Colorado, 1 in Texas, and 1 in North Carolina ended up growing into the best friendships I’ve ever known. Now I live with one of them, and we all get together frequently. Thanks, Xbox Live for creating some truly lasting friendships (x-post /r/gaming)
Don't be scurd!
1 MGLLN Yikes. Locked. Whomst is worse in this thread: dudes bitter over a situation that likely never happened or the “approaching women is so wrong and creepy 😤😩” headasses 🤔
5360 WordsDontExist Her ambition to spite niggas is why she'll get played well into her 30s.
2048 thinkB4WeSpeak Knock it out of her hands and say "well now it's broken too"
1422 LordBitness Why she need her phone? Why can’t she just tell him
1151 Styx92 People will say, "A 'no' would have sufficed." but we all know how persistent thirsty dudes are.
759 Adolphstalin Here's a short story mah dudes. That's not really related but wateves So this one time me and my fellows niggas was going to town after school. Idk if there's any Jamaicans here but we're from Kingston college. So while at town one of my friends dared another one of us to ask a girl for her digits. One of my yutes, named shadow; he's called that cuz he's abnormally black lmao, agreed. So shadow see this girl with her friends and tries to call her over to us. Important to note he did this while doing that finger thing when you like wiggle your finger to like call someone or tell them to come over. She comes over and dis dude says "see how I made you cum towards me with one finger? Imagine 2" Yoo this girl gonna reply with " shame you can't do that with ya dick" Lmao she single handily destroyed the dude's spirit and left us all laughing.
671 equallynuts Sounds like he dodged a bullet imo. A girl stuck up enough to do that has to be a horrible person.
210 Dragginmytaco I feel his pain. I once had a girl tell me “I’m sorry, I can’t let you take me out. I don’t speak English.” In PERFECT ENGLISH. Not even a hint of an accent.
166 Badboyinfinity One time I got a girls number only to realize it was one number short. Thinking it was an accident I went back to her at the bar and showed her that the number was short. She smile and then erased everything in the contact page and just wrote the word “turd”.
140 White_phone_voice Guy at a bar took my phone out of my hand and called himself. Wouldn't stop texting me.