'Explosion' at Manhattan bus terminal
Mother is moved to tears after her daughter meets Wonder Woman
No one will notice....
Vladimir Putin orders withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria
Student owns his unenlightened professor (xpost /r/badphilosophy)
HMRB While I Fly This Race
Dress that makes your body thinner
at playing it cool
Me irl
HMB while she flies
You're a SCUM if you have preferences
My 8 year old daughter has just discovered Bob Ross.
But my resolve has never been stronger!
Fuck Comcast
This white china plate survived the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. The pattern was permanently burned into the glaze by the subsequent fire.
Winston Churchill handling a 'tommy gun' during an inspection of invasion coastal defences near Hartlepool, County Durham, England. 31 July 1940.
Put a banging donk on it
Are you aware? Comcast is injecting 400+ lines of JavaScript into web pages.
A fluffy waggitty wag Christmas present
Plot twist
These trees in Austria are fucking with my brain
Someone stole the doors off a neighbor's car last night
Provence, France
Oh you're playing? Well... I'm tired, let me just... Purrfect.
YouTuber who had 30 plastic surgeries to look like boyfriend’s favourite porn star, now regrets it
MRW I told an anti-vaxer that their argument was as ridiculous as a flat-earth argument and they replied, “Oh, so you’re a round earth sheep too?”
Maneuvering a plane
What's the best/scariest/most interesting 'internet rabbithole' you have found?
Players, the test servers will stay open until PC 1.0 comes out on live servers! The transition to Phase 2 will be relatively seamless and there won't be any downtime today. There will be maintenance periods to deploy patches as needed. We highly appreciate all your help.
Today I turned down a job application from a man who threatened to rape me.
Child falls off of father’s shoulders.
Sahalie Falls Oregon (4032x3024) (OC)
I guess option B is off the table...
Found these old lockers and turned them into a functional piece for my living room
[Image] From the 5th book of Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations, here’s a little motivation from arguably the greatest and noblest emperor in the history of Rome.
Feeling cute, might delete later
A real winner
Hawaiian Day Octopus striking a pose ??
8981 mzking87 My uncles first visit to US from Russia was in mid 90s. His first words upon exiting airport: “wow so many foreign cars, everyone here must be rich” For him Fords and Chevys were foreign cars...
2335 Finito-1994 My first winter here my dad wanted me to see snow. So, the entire family got ready and we headed to MT ranier so that my sister and I could see snow for the first time. We got lost. We headed home in disgrace and failure. Later that day, it began to snow. It was amazing. I made a snow man (about 1ft tall) and it was the greatest day ever.
355 shadowabbot NBA star Karl Malone was drafted by the Utah Jazz. When he first visited Salt Lake City, it was July 24th, Malone's birthday. It's also Pioneer Day a state holiday. There is a large parade held in Salt Lake City and the Jazz asked Malone if he'd like to ride the team float. Malone thought the parade was for his birthday.
1280 CaptMcAllister This exact joke is in The Big Sick. I couldn't remember where I had heard it before.
736 ARN_01D Similarly, when I was a child, the first time I had M&M’s I bit into a brown one to discover it was also brown inside. No other color of M&M lived up to my expectations.
110 GuacamoleBay When my grandparents first immigrated to Canada they had never heard of Halloween (they arrived mid to late October) so when kids first showed up at their door they just kind of closed it on their faces and called their friends asking what the fuck was going on. Realizing they didn't have any candy they started giving out cookies, when they ran out they gave sugar cubes, and once they finally went through everything sweet they turned off all the lights in the house and hid in the basement (with the lights turned off) trying to be quiet so people didnt realize they were home
465 0tisReddit Why is he wearing an Italian restaurant tablecloth as a shirt and tie?
3106 PaiMan2710 The first time I visited reddit, I was 14. I’d never heard of reposts, and my first day in reddit, r/all showed me this post. I was like, “This is every post in reddit, as advertised! They have so much OC, there’s original posts every day! Actual humor is here!” No other post has lived up to that post. Edit: Seriously? Over 95% of my upvotes and my first gold came from a repost? What a disappointment /s
369 gregsy112 "So, Kumail, what's your take on 9/11?" "Yeah, obviously, a huge tragedy...we lost 19 good guys that day...." "...." "I was joking, obviously."
100 idealisms My parents immigrated to the US on Halloween. They were confused why children kept coming up to their door dressed in costumes until an adult explained Halloween to them. My dad went to the store and bought a bunch of candy later that night so he would be ready the next night. Of course, no one came the day after Halloween and my parents had a bunch of candy that they dutifully ate because they didn't want to be wasteful.
128 tubbstosterone I have three coworkers who all managed to emigrate to the US shortly before Thanksgiving. Despite all coming in from different corners of the world, at different times (80's, 90's, 00's), they all had the same first reaction: "WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH THAT CHICKEN?!" Turns out not everyone is used to the idea of a Turkey.