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Get off the street!
193 Bunbury42 If I don't make it through the day without drinking, I drink. If I do, I celebrate my victory with a drink.
215 logogolo Ouch oof ma drunk bones
33 Walden_Walkabout Fucking hell. /r/2meirl4meirl
52 Rosssauced My current path of education results in me spending about 14 hours a day on the job between classes, study time, and then at night Uber driving. I have a ritual every morning that helps me get through this. I wake up around 6-615 and make coffee. I chill for about 30 mins with a few cups before getting ready which takes about 20-30. Given that I like to leave at around 730 I have 15-30 mins depending on how well I managed time. During that time I grab a frosted pint glass left in the freezer the night before and a beer. There is almost nothing better, it's beyond glorious.
35 Californib Thanks for the snort!
11 AppleId371 My favorite is watching got but every time looks like the smel bad you take a shot of vodsky (vodka and whiskey mixed together)
55 surly_chemist I always hated beerpong. Look, I'm drinking that beer whether you make the shot or not.
10 Mr_Pombastic Holy shit! That guy (Mike Drucker) was my roommate in college! He went on to be a writer for I think Jimmy Kimmel. Fun fact: we lived in a "substance and alcohol free" dorm, so it's good that he's discovered a new hobby. Thanks reddit! edit: ok, Jimmy Fallon. I got half of it right.
14 jackedyjackjack Me too thanks
5 Incasinoout512 After the day I had at work today, I couldn't agree more. Chin up, fuck work, be happy.
6 WhirlingDervishes Lets just say I'm no stranger to wine in a can and just leave it at that 🤗
4 Rouix Mike Drucker used to write for the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. He also wrote for Bill Nye’s newest show.
3 hypmoden I don't drink to live, I live to drink
6 deleted_account_3 Soooo....tempting.... right now.... I could have just one and if I just nurse it I can be just fine. Maybe just get something to eat so I won't get too much of a buzz and won't be tempted for more. I've done great for 29 days, farther than I've gotten before. And a glass of wine is good for you. I could get the big bottle for cheap, and just have one tiny glass after work as a nightcap and if I feel like I can't handle it I can just dump it and I wouldn't have spent too much money. It's been a tough damn day with my damn boss being the queen of cunts and just that one rush of relief in the bloodstream would be soooooo good. Just one.
2 chr0m1a So true it hurts