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1 [deleted] >A massive two-day teacher strike in West Virginia has shut down public schools across the state, as educators call for higher wages and better benefits. >All 55 counties in the state have closed down schools due to the walkout, which started this morning. In West Virginia, this strike—the first in 30 years—is illegal, but that hasn't stopped hundreds of teachers from heading to the state Capitol to protest. >
5756 kyabupaks So it's illegal for the teachers to strike? LMAO, what can they do - fire all of them? I don't think so. Good on these teachers! Our public school systems have been screwing their teachers for way too long and enough is enough! A one or two percent increase in pay is an insult in itself, when superitidents are way overpaid. Fuck that.
1086 littlelionsfoot I am so proud of West Virginia's teachers. I live across the river in Ohio, and I work in this state. The local new's Facebook comments sections on stories about this strike are absolutely shameful. The people here are completely against the teachers and are calling for them to all be fired. It makes me sick with rage. I don't know how this state can ever be turned around and away from the corporate bootlicking that has taken over their mindset. Thank you, teachers. Thank you for taking a stand and not backing down when horrible "compromises" are thrown at you.
2417 TibetanBowlHealing Kentucky needs to do the same. It's also illegal to strike, so KEA hasn't even whispered a word about it. I hope West Virginia will inspire them. Teachers in Kentucky are being subjected to Republican hell: * Cut pension funding, robbing teachers of their retirement * Start new teachers on 401(k) plans, robbing the current pension recipients of a replenishing pool of money * The pension fund is LOSING money even though stocks are at all time highs, while the governor's hedge fund buddies make tens of millions of dollars in "management and performance fees." (EDIT: 2016 only, 2017 had a net return of 15% but still had $62m of fees. [Very long PDF if you're interested](, pages 68 and 79) * Cut teacher retiree health insurance, stranding thousands of teachers between retirement age (~50) and Medicare age (65) without health coverage * Continue to block teacher Social Security withdrawals. Social Security is unavailable to teachers (even spouse death benefit) because of the pension program * Require teachers to conceal carry a weapon to school, or keep one in a "lockbox" somewhere across the building, because schools are now Wild West saloons KEA isn't coming to terms with the fact that the state government doesn't give a dick about them because they don't have a majority. They can't fire all the teachers at once though, and making a strike "illegal" is just a Republican stall tactic to keep them from standing up for their rights. Time to fight back!
417 andrewlef It’s good to see the Union has the guts to stand up for themselves despite the legal risk. And fuck WV for making strikes illegal.
7627 diZZasterr I'm sorry, I'm not from the US, but how in the world can it be possible to make going on strike illegal? What else are you supposed to do for better pay? Self immolation? It just sounds like slavery with extra steps and a bit of flair added. "You have to do this job that is incredibly important to the survival our nation, but we'll be paying you like shit. Also, you're not allowed to complain."
296 shadySd2 Hopefully they stay with it! Back when American was "Great" unions were strong.
174 biffpow Two days isn't enough. And next time, don't give them any warning.
180 Relaxed_Engineer I teach at a state college, not primary/secondary, but we've been without a contract for nearly a year, and the "negotiations" have been more and more obscene requests from the state board of higher ed. Bottom line is that it appears to me that having an educated population is absolutely the lowest priority for a lot of state and local governments, and educators aren't even given the respect that garbage collectors get (BTW, thanks to you garbage collectors). We're treated like enemies of the state half of the time. Having people actually capable of reasoning, attaining sufficient scientific literacy to contribute to the growth of a technology-based economy, would seem to be something worth the investment, but for many governments it is simply a budget item with a negative sign.
579 brutallyhonestnow The only thing I fear is the backlash that they will get from parents and those who don't understand that the teachers fight should be their own. That is why I think worker cooperative schools are the answer. Instead of striking the teachers could join together with the parents of their students and form worker cooperative schools. Have the parents use the propaganda line that was used against public schools " that parents should have a choice" to send their kids to the new worker cooperatives and then uh oh the little tyrant administrators and school board members can all F off. But until that occurs good for the teachers!
216 buckeye111 That's serious organization. People in this country are about to get a lesson in just how much power we have when we aren't divided, but work together. The divide and conquer has been the common strategy of both parties for so long.
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