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7980 MoistAndUnstable So we're just not gonna talk about that amazing half-loaded face of joy and anticipation on behalf of /r/monkslookingatbeer
3319 AlexanderShkuratoff /r/roastme and /r/justneckbeardthings are very similar, and /r/ladyboners just looks like a generalized Ryan Gosling.
1578 BizCaus Data sources: Top posts from each of the labelled subreddits Created using a custom NodeJS script with various libraries including bindings to opencv (for image processing) and dlib (for facial feature detection). Rough steps of the entire process: * Scrape through the top posts of a given subreddit until 50 candidate faces are collected * Filter out images with no/undetected faces * When face is detected, perform an initial crop/transformation based on eye locations * Store 68 detected face landmark points along with the image * Calculate average positions of all 68 face landmark points, and create a triangle mesh using delaunay triangulation * For each face: * Subdivide image into triangles using delaunay triangulation on the landmark points * Warp the face’s triangles to fit the average triangle mesh * Add pixel values to output image * Divide output image pixel values by the total number of faces I also put together a [short video](https://streamable.com/1qo7q) demonstrating the process with /r/girls_smiling as an example. Most of the script was adapted from [this article/tutorial](https://www.learnopencv.com/average-face-opencv-c-python-tutorial/)
2041 Snazzy_Serval /r/geekguys and /r/GuysInGlasses look like the same dude. Then he takes off the glasses and he's the /r/LadyBoners guy. His grandfather is /r/historyboners
1495 Diver_City People who submit to r/rateme are prettier than people who submit to r/roastme. There's some kind of lesson in vanity in there than I can't be bothered to dig out.
597 UknowmeimGui You wrote r/iasip wrong. Also, r/prequelmemes is wrong because it's not just a picture of Ewan McGregor.
363 Thebiguglyalien Links for the lazy: /r/annakendrick /r/asianladyboners /r/aubreyplaza /r/beardporn /r/beards /r/blunderyears /r/britishladyboners /r/classywomenofcolor /r/cumberbitches /r/davidtennant /r/emiliaclarke /r/emmawatson /r/faces /r/firstimpression /r/geekguys /r/gentlemanboners /r/girls_smiling /r/girlswithglasses /r/guysinglasses /r/historyboners /r/humanporn /r/iasip /r/justneckbeardthings /r/kpics /r/ladyboners /r/models /r/monkslookingatbeer /r/oldschoolcool /r/oliviawilde /r/palebeauties /r/prequelmemes /r/progresspics /r/rateme /r/redheads /r/roastme /r/sequelmemes /r/standupshots /r/thewaywewere /r/tinytrumps /r/tomhiddleston /r/trippinthroughtime /r/vintageladyboners
750 squuiiiddd Wow the Olivia Wilde one is spot on.
505 isaaclikeafox It's funny how even though it has nothing to do with appearance /r/standupshots follows the "fat guys do comedy" trope
231 bdmcx /r/justneckbeardthings looks so fucked because the photo is straining the laws of physics to look to its left at /r/kpics
215 HansEngle It looks like the guy from /r/beards and /r/beardporn are the same guy who just lost weight and got lenses.