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1376 The_Question-Guy The article states that moments after the WEA a tweet correcting it was sent... I can tell you, I don’t check tweets for that kind of thing, I check my phone for updates. I live on Oahu, and from the time I got the ‘Not a drill- missile’ message and the WEA correction was 38 minutes. Have a look at that video of folks putting kids in storm drains to see what that many moments gets you. Waaaaay too long, ugh.
2167 Rigaudon21 This explains quite a bit. Glad Hawaii didnt really get hit with a Ballistic Missile.
6792 Japanese_Pornstar Telecom industry on the fast track to being the new Tobacco industry in terms of how much it's hated and how badly it needs to fucked by the long dick of the government.
502 benkenobi5 might explain why my wife got a phone notification and I didn't
590 SoulUnison Who the fuck argues *against* testing for an emergency alert system!? Nobody involved at *any* point in the process leaned back and thought "Wow, we're quite directly putting profit over the safety of the population... Are we evil?"
191 SteadFast_ Its my birthday today, I was eating breakfast with my mother at a resturaunt. I thought it was a flood warning alarm, we get those a lot. But then all of the phones in the resturaunt went off. People starting screaming and yelling. It’s a horrific sight to see a lot of huge polynesian men sprinting out in a panic. The waitresses started crying, not knowing what to do. I comforted them, my mother and I left the cash for our meal. We ran to our car and drove very quickly to a nearby college. We arrived there within 3 minutes. It was already packed and people were running inside of the building. When we got inside it was dark and quiet and many people, men and women, were crying and on the phone saying their goodbyes to their family. I texted my family telling them were I was, and told them i loved them all. Time slows down when a nuclear missile is headed towards you. I called so many people, my girlfriend thankfully wasn’t on the island, but was freaking out thinking she was about to lose me.
681 viperware They just tested it.
198 Baconwich Why would the Telecom industry even lobby against that? Seriously what reason? Do they not want to invest in the infrastructure to make sure it'll always work?
957 WolfAvery >There are three types of WEAs: alerts issued by he president; alerts involving imminent threats to safety or life; and Amber alerts for missing children. Great, you just gave the president another horrible idea. Now he can force us to read his tweets.