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well yeah
Muhammad Ali boxing underwater, 1961. Ali was 19 here and didn't know how to swim.
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[Games] Since everybody is already reposting it, i added xcom to it.
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Crazy skills.
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Experiments that ask children to draw a researcher show a greater proportion of women in sketches over time. In the 1960s and 1970s, 99.4% of children drew a male scientist. That proportion dropped to 72% between 1985 and 2016. By the 2010s, about one in three drawings portrayed a female scientist.
You're fucked.
This is just magical.
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[homemade] Cheese n Chorizo toastie with hot sauce splashed on top.
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Am gonna wheelie into this cop car wcgw.
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How to get women:
2243 jack345667 How many headshots does it take to unlock this skin?
2210 TheIceman95 >The RB14 is currently wearing a special edition livery. We're keeping our race-ready paint job under wraps for the time being and will unveil it at the Circuit de Catalunya next week. The unfamiliar shapes under the paint, however, are here to stay.
549 arkady_ - new front wing philosophy, changing the tip of the front wing flaps from upwards sloping to now downwards sloping, similar to what most other teams used last season. This seems like a small change but it will be hugely influential on the airflow towards the rest of the car - Red Bull have kept their unique nose duct - moved s-duct outlet further down on the nose - kept their blown axles - turning vanes are exactly the same (but can change of course for testing, teams don't show everything with their car reveal) - main barge boards have changed very little - sidepod deflectors have changed a lot, going towards the Mercedes design from last year instead of the Ferrari design that they copied during last season - airbox inlet is larger than last year, but not as large as the ones from Haas and Williams - incredibly small sidepods, similar to last year. Edit: after further inspection I have to say that Red Bull have changed the sidepods more than I initially saw. They haven't moved the sidepod inlet backwards like Ferrari did last year by putting a fairing in front of it. However, Red Bull have moved the sidepod inlet higher upwards and changed the shape of the inlet and the sidepod itself, to create a bigger undercut in order to get more air towards the rear of the car - interesting (though simple) wing on top of the sidepods - I don't see any changes to the floor - no monkey seat, also no lower down t-wing, which Haas and Williams did opt for Edit: [new photos of the front suspension]( reveal that Red Bull have made big changes to the front suspension, with the upper wishbones now being bended, very unusual and interesting
415 cockpisspartridg3 So who made the engine, Tag Heuer? No. Aston Martin? No. Renault? SHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!
47 LeMogwai Played with the contrasts/brightness to get a closer look of the sidepod :
225 Murkiry You win the scramble for karma! :P Also, holy shit, that livery. :O
137 MaxImageBot 1.3x larger (1600x900) version of linked image: ***** ^[source code]( | [userscript](
244 xepa105 > We're keeping our race-ready paint job under wraps BOOOOOOOO For an instant I got excited about a real-life F1 livery being as cool as some of the designs u/bullystoke puts out there. Alas...
208 barryoke Dear Red Bull, JUST MAKE THAT YOUR REAL LIVERY. Regards, /r/formula1
131 headles >The RB14 is currently wearing a special edition livery. We're keeping our race-ready paint job under wraps for the time being and will unveil it at the Circuit de Catalunya next week. The unfamiliar shapes under the paint, however, are here to stay. That is one good looking car, if only they'd race it like that.