Bathtime bliss
Pup allows other pup to snuggle
Steam Controller being tested
Mister Rogers
Cross section of a hedge
If this does well, I will continue to enlarge Stafford's jaw.
My mom would always talk about how she was an editor for Tiger Beat magazine when she was a teenager in the 1960’s. She would brag about spending time with the Stones and the Beatles. We always thought she was telling tall tales. Uncovered this pic cleaning out her house last week.
ITAP of my 2 friends at the museum of modern art, Chicago
Larry Nance Jr. recreates his father's dunk from 1984
Boob relativity
Entire NES built into NES cartridge
ViRgIn RoAsTeD aLiVe; pYrO sHoWs nO MeRcY
That's no snow angel
Parenting done right
Cow scratcher
That's no snow angel
In WALL-E, the Great Lakes are larger than they should be, presumably due to the rising sea level.
Hate when this happens.
Cow escapes on way to slaughterhouse, smashes through metal fence, breaks arm of man trying to catch her then swims to safety on island in lake
I photographed Falcon Heavy passing through clouds that temporarily revealed more detail of its three 9-engine cores.
When /r/The_Donald is officially named as a breeding ground for Russian interference, but for some reason Reddit still won't shut it down.
Tundra landscape in Iceland | [1080x1350] by Arnar Kristjansson
Smile! ??
Milky Goodness
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Attacking the police station with a baseball bat
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What is the dumbest thing you’ve ever done for absolutely no reason?
Going against the flow
TIL that when a man had a heart attack at a grocery story in rural Minnesota, 20 people lined up and performed CPR on him for over an hour and a half until paramedics arrived - and he survived
Bitcoin Doesn't Give a Fuck.
Abandoned presidents heads in a rural Virginia field [5184x3456] [OC]
“This is a good spot”
Reckless driving
Backyard bowling alley, with pins resetting via strings
It's Always Evil in Philadelphia
I am the golden god.
Loading a bobcat
1721 CyberneticFennec Someone should figure out his morning commute and drive slowly in front of him with a bumper sticker that says "Your current internet package does not support using the fast lane"
5583 gundamwfan I still remember when Sony thought it would be a great idea to remove the ability to run Linux on the PS3, and they tried to justify it by saying "Oh, you'll be able to run it just fine if you don't update. But if you want to play any new games, or any newer Blu-Rays...well, you'll have no choice". All because of one hardware based exploit that 99% of the consumer market wouldn't know what to do with. They kicked a literal hornet's nest of motivated hackers who had spent years setting up custom arcade-oriented Linux distros based on YDL and now found themselves unable to run both emulators and new they hacked the PS3 wide open, dumped the signing keys, completely broke the system and allowed for emulation/piracy/custom code. Sony couldn't patch the exploit completely, so they had to release new hardware versions (every PS3 above the 2501A) to stop new exploits but the damage was already done. That is the direction I see the country going in if legislation this disastrous actually passes. Motivated, grey and black hat hackers doing everything possible to break open the foundations of the internet as we know it, one byte at a time. I hope it doesn't come to this, but i remember the ride being worth it the last time around. Edit: Obligatory "holy shit, my highest rated comment ever is about". There's a few people who corrected me on how Sony actually patched this in 3.55 (while true, you were able to sign and run higher firmwares even after they did) and I thank you for those comments. Literally, thanks all (using literally this way literally just to piss off all the people who told me I used literally wrong. They literally did that. LITERALLY).
5668 challenge4 I vaguely remember an anti trust case involving Microsoft in which there was a judgement against Microsoft but there was never any enforcement. Something along the lines of, "which would you prefer the money, or the ability to run microsoft products on Government computers." I also might not be remembering 100% correctly. /u/thisisbillgates I know you're helping a lot in the world but can we get your help with Net Neutrality?
1562 anothercopy Side question - I remember some rich guy was threatening to buy, deanonimize and publish the internet browser history after the last change if the law allowing ISP to sell those passed. Did this happen ?
499 BuzzesLikeAFridge Would be better to set up a nonprofit that buys small monopoly ISPs and throttles the web sites of politicians that oppose net neutrality. Turns out their donation pages are taking too much bandwidth, need to be throttled to maintain quality of service.
1102 theTallBoy You gotta think that even the most basic "hacker" would gun for this fool if he succeeds. The short sight of this idiocy is incredible. The amount of actual all out "cyber war-fare" is going to be insane. Most ISPs can barely maintain thier backbone to deliver just the most basic service let alone a highly regulated one. So to think that they are going to get ahead of the shit storm they are creating is absolutely laughable. I am in no way advocating this kind of recourse but as a citizen of the internet I see no other way that this goes forward.