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So glad to join the positivity
Italian pasta brand advertisement in honor of Simpsons 30th season
Best to start at the bottom of the stick
[IMAGE] "Success in 9 Words" (20)
Not a space whale, India ink, 9x12
In Jurassic World (2015), moments before the T-Rex is released, a t-shirt of a T-Rex saying "I'm back" can be seen in the background
Hold up let me just confirm it
This olive tree in Crete is 3000 years old.
'Please don't go to work today'
Infinite bulbs
Neo-Nazi gives detailed instructions on how to murder people at Charlottesville rally, including specific death threat against a particular anti-fascist activist. The activist doxxes him - turns out he's an active service marine! His superiors find out, boot him out of the marines
Ubisoft's chat bot Sam is savage.
Indian priest carries member of lower caste into temple to symbolically protest caste oppression.
Hebhob transforms into dinosaur! Warning- very scary!
[OC] Closing a box made of perfect mirrors with a light bulb inside (x-post r/simulated)
Wait does this mean...
so smooth.
Payed to promote an image of his dog and nothing else so we dont have to see another useless ad. Legend!
These identical cars with sequential plates in the parking lot at my local shopping mall.
Mexico’s lower house of Congress on Thursday approved changes to the constitution to eliminate immunity from prosecution for all public servants, including lawmakers and the president, a move meant to tackle deeply entrenched corruption.
ELI5: Why do human eyes show so much white while most mammals don't have much visible white of the eye?
me irl
MRW a college age employee submits a vacation request for 4/20.
Arizona teachers vote to strike
The future is here
How It All Ends
I nominate Henry Winkler to play Michael Cohen
My 18yo foster son just learned that he is getting a 100% free ride to a 4-year college. First in his family to ever go to college. I am so, so proud of him.
But did the laptop break?
Now that's why I come to these things
Color changing squeezable bulb
A little HTML and P"asian"ce is the key...
Only one rider.
Attempting to rob a bakery, wcgw.
Bombing of Hiroshima and Nagasaki - 1945 (colorized)
Waiting for the last moment
Ima do this
Gotta love hidden floor traps
374 kerrbris Should’ve put the “will raise hundreds of millions of dollars” in the first paragraph.
1045 madcuntmcgee Glad to see Di Natale is brave enough to stop being so timid about this issue. It's obvious most of the greens members would have been behind this for a long time, I think the party was just afraid of how the two major parties would treat them as a laughing stock, which they'll obviously try to do now, but I feel like we're at a point that most of the public is in favour of legalising it anyway.
591 KaerFyzarc We should have a mail in plebiscite. /s
407 BlueIceTea We only need to point to the US when it comes to benefits of legalizing cannabis. Economy and health wise. (Alaska, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington. Even the District of Columbia.)
477 OffTheHeezy The conservative media will shit all over this, just like they did when the Greens initially publicised their drug control policies. Di Natale worked as a doctor specialising in treatment of drug/alcohol addiction... so if any politicians know what they’re talking about with regards to a topic like this, it’s going to be him. As long as strict road safety measures/restrictions on personal consumption are put into place, I wouldn’t have a problem with legalisation for recreational use. Among other things, just think about the amount of tax revenue which could be generated as a result! Definitely something that the Libs would be amenable to, eh?
100 yarrpirates And until it gets through a tortuous ALP conference stage and becomes ALP policy, then is sat on for a few years because of a cautious leader, it will be voted down. Alternatively, if the Libs get their act together and have a bold moderate leader... ha, couldn't even finish the sentence.
128 iheartchemtrails About time. Di Natale is doing a better job than Milne. I read that Bob Brown softened the Greens drug policy years ago to make a smaller negative target for the big parties and get in to make some change on other issues. They are established now, and must move towards progressive policies. A solid progressive voice is needed in parliament at a federal level.
31 drunkill It could help repair our budget after years of liberal ransacking.
33 feared_rear_admiral I applaud the Greens for doing stuff like this, frankly they're the one party left in parliament that actually does some forward thinking and tries to address stuff yet to unfold, as well as undo bad legacy thinking . What I really don't understand though, especially when watching things from Reddit is why the regressives always lay it on with their Internet filter, attacks on medicare in various forms, attacks on net neutrality, spying on the populace, you name it they put a bill in and go through the whole song and dance and it gets shot down. Not to worry, the next year they write a new bill, and then a new bill. SOPA is now PIPA is now TPP is now who the fuck knows. So I wanna know is, what's stopping the progressives from just hammering out one legalise cannabis, legalise marriage equality, secure medical funding etc. bill out after the other? Like we saw like decades of the progressives sit on marriage equality and hint at it and oh but they don't have enough support etc. Do they not just write a bill and put it out there, let's vote on this thing? If you were a progressive, wouldn't you be like hey guys I wrote this bill on drug legalisation. Oh not enough support? Not to worry, I have this other bill on drug legalisation we can try. I have more where that came from, and I'll keep doing it until it's fucking legal. Like it's not particularly nice or anything but really, you can't be sitting on your hands as a politician and seeing where the wind blows and putting your politics out then. YOU have to be the one who leads the debate, by proposing bills and forcing the discourse.
163 Leadback Smooth way of transitioning from their party name being historically related to the environment.
80 Vheissu_ And it won't pass. Seriously, we live in a country that took forever to get an R18\+ games rating, and then when we did get it, games were still being banned for being too graphical or having drug use in them. We live in a country where Airsoft guns are illegal and certain Nerf guns cannot be purchased because they're deemed too powerful. It took way too long for same\-sex marriage to be legalised, other countries made us look like a laughing\-stock in how slow and one of the last countries we were to pass such laws. If this passes, great, but I doubt it.
200 a_sonUnique Whilst a lot of the Aussie population is ready for this I don’t see the oldies allowing this to happen even though they were bigger druggies than what people are now.
20 Alan_Smithee_ It's going to be legal right across Canada in 3 months; that's a huge groundswell to ignore.
68 mikiboss It will be worth it, just to get Labor and some of the more Socially Liberal Coalition members views on it.