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Elon Musk has deleted Tesla and SpaceX’s Facebook pages after Twitter challenge
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4070 notbob1959 In 1903, President Theodore Roosevelt posed with John Muir for pictures on Overhanging Rock at the top of Glacier Point and camped in a hollow there to awake to five inches of snow, which delighted Roosevelt. Roosevelt had sent Muir a letter asking to meet him in Yosemite: “I want to drop politics absolutely for four days and just be out in the open with you.” At their meeting, Muir spoke of environmental degradation, like development, and asked for another layer of protection as a national park to improve management. Muir convinced both Roosevelt and California Governor George Pardee, on that excursion, to recede the state grant and make the Valley and the Mariposa Grove part of Yosemite National Park. This joining together of the 1864 state grant lands with the 1890 national park lands occurred during Roosevelt’s presidency in 1906.
1419 problynotkevinbacon John Muir is the coolest vagabond in history. So much of his writing and poetry wonderfully captures the absolute beauty in the American West.
1781 BudgetBinLaden Teddy was a badass, a true outdoorsman, naturalist and conservationist.
4878 binturbara Teddy was a total badass. Once he got shot in the chest during a speech... and finished the rest of the 90 minute speech, but only after saying "Friends, I shall ask you to be as quiet as possible. I don't know whether you fully understand that I have just been shot—but it takes more than that to kill a Bull Moose."
673 saunter-o-dimm Crazy that people used to do strenuous hiking in clothes that I would only begrudgingly put on for a job interview or a wedding
486 Randolm Pretty much every photo I've ever seen of him is beyond cool & begs for the backstory. I could imagine heaven including some campfire nights with Teddy telling these stories around a campfire with some adult beverages.
130 SnowblindAlbino This is, without question, one of the most published photos ever from 1903. And of John Muir. And likely of TR. I actually used this in a powerpoint in my history class this morning, then had another slide showing how often it has been used in books, on posters, and elsewhere. Yet it never gets old. I think the original is in the archives at Berkeley?
46 Domesticated_Redneck TR once made 21 national forests overnight to go with many more he already made. He made the National Park Service and be US Forest Service. 230 million acres of land is under some protection because of him, land that I hold most dear. I generally lean conservative but Republicans wanting to divest these lands, it’s right on their damned website, is a fucking travesty. They didn’t carve TR’s face into a mountain for nothing. If you care about TR’s legacy, about space for wildlife, clean air, clean water, outdoor recreation, the list goes on, please get involved with protecting these lands.
49 Braxxar Way too few comments about John Muir. Guy would climb redwoods in storms just to study and capture nature in his diary. Fucking badass is a complete understatement. John Muir mountaineer trail leads to the top of the highest mountain in the continental US. John founded that shit (Mt. Whitney). Love this guy.
106 _AlreadyTaken_ Bully!