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Elon Musk has deleted Tesla and SpaceX’s Facebook pages after Twitter challenge
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3079 ThreeLaxateers For anyone wondering what event this is for "Comiket, otherwise known as the Comic Market, is the world's largest dōjinshi fair, held twice a year in Tokyo, Japan." Basically Comic-Con without an english-dub.
221 dee_ess Having been in one of these queues as a westerner, it is actually very straightforward and easy to obey. Rather than constantly shuffling forward and having to continually assert your position in the crowd, it's either free flowing or completely stationary. Think of it like sitting at a set of traffic lights, as opposed to trying to drive around the Arc de Triomphe. While you are stationary, you can relax a bit, knowing that your turn is coming. You see the section creep forward slightly just before it moves, that serves the purpose of helping the organisers quickly select the next section when the time comes, but it also alerts the people in that section that they will be moving soon. So long as the concept of queueing isn't completely alien to your culture, it's a really simple process to follow, even for the uninitiated.
691 JCELIA25 It’s like a game of snake
868 JMental And we can’t even queue properly for an ice cream
442 uragiruhito I've been there myself summer last year. It's pretty crazy if you ask me. The venue opens at 10:00AM, so on the first day, I decided to maybe head there by 8:00AM since admission was free and I was expecting a huge crowd. Boy, did I underestimate it. I was let in an hour after the starting time due to the sheer number of people entering (who lined up before I did). By the time I got in, it was crowded to the point that you would mistake it as a Japan subway train during rush hour. And if you thought the lines outside were bad, the lines inside were equally as shocking. Over one hour waits for a single booth at times. There were times where you would line up only to discover that they sold out by the time you were up. The good news is that I did manage to get *some* of the stuff I wanted to buy. Fast forward to the last day, day 3/3. I thought by then that I was getting used to the lines and the crowd... dear god I was horrified. It was as if the number of people tripled. The lines outside were orderly, and I actually went even earlier 6AM or so, but I still only got to enter by 11AM. Day 3 was an absolute slaughter. There were certain areas inside where you had to push yourself through. Other times you couldn't do so at all. You had to follow the "direction" the crowd was going. If you tried opposing the flow, you'd get crushed. That was the first time outside of trains I've experienced getting pushed and crushed. Overall, it was a tough and also costly experience. Though I recommend going at least once to experience how crazy it gets with these cons.
286 ONEXTW I would like to know how the British feel about their title as worlds best queuers...
71 masamune42 Person in the upper left must be a human-bender
134 [deleted] [deleted]
100 haveahappy I was in a similar line like this to get into the Mao museum at Tiananmen Square. Chinese and Japanese are clearly different in regards to standing in line. I thought I was going to die.