'Explosion' at Manhattan bus terminal
Mother is moved to tears after her daughter meets Wonder Woman
No one will notice....
Vladimir Putin orders withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria
Student owns his unenlightened professor (xpost /r/badphilosophy)
HMRB While I Fly This Race
Dress that makes your body thinner
at playing it cool
Me irl
HMB while she flies
You're a SCUM if you have preferences
My 8 year old daughter has just discovered Bob Ross.
But my resolve has never been stronger!
Fuck Comcast
This white china plate survived the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. The pattern was permanently burned into the glaze by the subsequent fire.
Winston Churchill handling a 'tommy gun' during an inspection of invasion coastal defences near Hartlepool, County Durham, England. 31 July 1940.
Put a banging donk on it
Are you aware? Comcast is injecting 400+ lines of JavaScript into web pages.
A fluffy waggitty wag Christmas present
Plot twist
These trees in Austria are fucking with my brain
Someone stole the doors off a neighbor's car last night
Provence, France
Oh you're playing? Well... I'm tired, let me just... Purrfect.
YouTuber who had 30 plastic surgeries to look like boyfriend’s favourite porn star, now regrets it
MRW I told an anti-vaxer that their argument was as ridiculous as a flat-earth argument and they replied, “Oh, so you’re a round earth sheep too?”
Maneuvering a plane
What's the best/scariest/most interesting 'internet rabbithole' you have found?
Players, the test servers will stay open until PC 1.0 comes out on live servers! The transition to Phase 2 will be relatively seamless and there won't be any downtime today. There will be maintenance periods to deploy patches as needed. We highly appreciate all your help.
Today I turned down a job application from a man who threatened to rape me.
Child falls off of father’s shoulders.
Sahalie Falls Oregon (4032x3024) (OC)
I guess option B is off the table...
Found these old lockers and turned them into a functional piece for my living room
[Image] From the 5th book of Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations, here’s a little motivation from arguably the greatest and noblest emperor in the history of Rome.
Feeling cute, might delete later
A real winner
Hawaiian Day Octopus striking a pose ??
775 hengfeng21 Why don't everyone just tweet @realDonaldTrump, telling him that he may need to pay money the next time he want to tweet something if net neutrality is gone. He would probably think this is a bad idea to dismantle the net neutrality rule.
190 Gabewhatsupguy [This comment has been hidden. Please purchase the [Comcast Reddit Comment bundle]( to view this comment.]
31 Crimsai Anything I can do in the UK? I want to avoid setting a precident in the US that will be followed here.
50 wade550 It is satisfying! I left a message with my states DC office, and then spoke with someone in her local office. Found out while leaving a message that my congresswoman does oppose these changes, and has voiced her concerns to the FCC. Tomorrow to call the representative where my parents and brother live on their behalf!
149 Bluecephus If major companies like Reddit and Netflix really wanted to stop this from happening they would block those isp's that are pushing this from carrying their content. How fast would people switch providers if they couldn't access netflix?
31 prufflesthegreat ResistBot is the most efficient way to contact your Senators, Reps, Governor, and the President. Text "resist" to "504-09” to Fight for Net Neutrality. They will ask for your name and other info to contact your respective state officials via fax, letters, and email. Here is a great message you can send: "Net Neutrality is the cornerstone of innovation, free speech, and democracy on the Internet. Control over the Internet should remain in the hands of the people who use it every day. The ability to share information without impediment is critical to the progression of technology, science, small business, and culture. Please stand with the public by protecting Net Neutrality once and for all." ResistBot is run by an all-volunteer non-profit by and for patriotic Americans who want to have their voices heard. ResistBot is completely free to use! But, they pay for postage, faxes, and hosting with donations from users like you. Every dollar funds 100 messages to Congress. Please donate if you want to keep ResistBot going: Feel free to copy my post and spread to the masses!
10 Paintap Ok so it's really starting to annoy me... I don't live oin America yet I definitely support net neutrality, what can I do?? Loads of people keep asking but no one seems to get an answer.
8 thelocalproduction So our only hope might be if Ajit harassed any women. Are there any women out there?
50 Dwarf_Of_Nordinbad Use this bot to help you contact your representatives.
7 itsnotadamgerety is a wonderful website that provides all the information you need to call your representatives and voice your concerns. I highly recommend making use of it.
5 Itshammertimebitch [Net Neutrality post on r/roosterteeth] ( If you're in the US, it's important that you understand how the vote on December 14th is going to work. Look at [this]( comment > FYI - Congress and the Senate have nothing to do with this. Only five people at the FCC get to vote. >[Here they are]( The three men plan to vote to repeal net neutrality. The two women plan to vote to keep net neutrality. >Their individual contact information can be found under "Bio". >To defeat the net neutrality repeal, one of those three men has to change their vote. I’m not taking credit for this just sharing the info.