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LPT: Keep a separate master resume with ALL previous work experience. When sending out a resume for application, duplicate the file and remove anything that may be irrelevant to the position. You never know when some past experience might become relevant again, and you don’t want to forget about it.
First image ever taken of the Hydrogen Atom
Not a method actor
Seizing an opportunity
My First Attempt.
Woke up to a white world, gonna enjoy it from my favorite cozy chair
On the left: Scene from the first season of Stranger Things, set in 1983. On the right: Me, wearing the exact same shirt in 1983.
PsBattle: Dirty Cat in a Rail Yard
We still like cute goats, right?
Peter Wang, a 15-year-old member of the Junior ROTC who was killed as he tried to help fellow students escape a mass shooting in Parkland, posthumously admitted to the U.S. Military Academy. Wang and two other cadets, Martin Duque and Alaina Petty, both 14, were also awarded the Medal of Heroism.
Trucker forgot he was driving a tractor trailer this morning while going through the bridge toll.
Swedish Major Eric Bonde smokes a cigarette after being ambushed and shot twice, Congo, 1961
Tank Puppy sees snow for the firs time at the Toronto Zoo.
At the end of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, he appears to Deus Ex Machina a baseball to throw at his stereo he left on in order to save himself from being caught. Ferris actually caught that baseball at the Cubs game much earlier in the movie.
Ajit Pai’s Plan Will Take Broadband Away From Poor People
Elon Musk on Twitter: High altitude wind shear data shows a probable 2% load exceedance. Small, but better to be paranoid. Postponing launch to tomorrow, assuming winds are better then.
The year is 2030, robots have taken over the world and made humans their slaves. You have time travelled back to the year 1990 with $1,000,000 to stop the robo-apocalypse. Besides my mum, what do you do?
The 'facesitting' ice dance lift that was removed (but later re-added) by the gold medalist Canadian team for being considered potentially too 'lewd' for the Olympics stage.
[I ate] extra fluffy Japanese pancakes.
Bill Gates tries to guess grocery store prices on Ellen
This morning reflection from my front door
me irl
Dog Thinks
Donna's Contribution to Pawnee's Time Capsule
On the left: Scene from the first season of Stranger Things, set in 1983. On the right: Me, wearing the same shirt in 1983.
[Image] Sucking at something is the first step
Happy Birthday, Anthony Daniels!
Nazi manlet trying to spread his "wisdom". Gets punched in the face. Of course he cries like a coward.
Netflix Lands Worldwide Rights to Next Four Duplass Brothers Films
Cooking crepes like a boss
Dog trying to escape from wolves
You're goddamn right.
Roses are red, I play on the grass,
10023 spaghatta111 Everyone knows that what he did was bad, but I don't think most people realize *how* bad this was. These were competitive gymnasts. With USAG, these girls had to be ready to compete. They could not just rest off an injury, they had to be ready *for* gymnastics. They were required - not recommended, *required* to go to this guy. And there was no time for questioning. If he approaches you and say you need to be treated, you need to be treated. You cannot say no. You do it because you are a competitor and you do as you're told. He took advantage of children, knowing they were on autopilot, knowing they couldn't stop competition to speak up because the stakes were too high. They didn't have anyone to speak up *to*. He was *the* guy.
3685 TooShiftyForYou Thankfully this piece of garbage physician got effectively a life-sentence in prison (60 years). Here's excerpts of what some of his victim's [said to his face in court today.]( *"Little girls don’t stay little forever - they grow into strong women that destroy your world,"*
921 beeblez I wonder what would happen if she did openly speak at the hearing and then refused to pay. Is USA Gymnastics dumb enough to take her to court to enforce the agreement? I can't imagine a worse PR move than suing a popular young female athlete because she spoke out against a pedophile after you bribed her to stay silent about the assault(s).
1380 AKAkorm Why isn’t everyone in the US raging against the US Gymnastics Team for putting this clause in their settlement in the first place? Sick of enablers skirting by when shit like this goes down. Nassar isn’t able to do as much as he was without some soulless suit and tie covering it up for him. Everyone involved needs to go down, not just him. EDIT: Here's a link that I posted in a reply below to an IndyStar article detailing alleged negligence on the part of USA Gymnastics:
579 llamastinkeye This Larry Nassar story should be a bigger scandal than Jerry Sandusky. He did this so long to so many girls as Michigan State and people in charge were told and they ignored it. All these people need to be held accountable. What bothers me though is... why did so many parents choose not to believe their daughters? Even if this scum-bag told them the girls were only freaking out about a routine medical procedure, wouldn't the safe thing be to have her see another doctor, at a minimum?
156 ycnz Not a lawyer - I was under the impression that people couldn't use NDAs etc.. in the event of criminal activity?
580 judgek0028 r/outoftheloop ?