Less 'rip and tear', more 'post and snark'...
House Democrats Join Everyone Else in Letting Equifax Off Easy for Catastrophic Hack
My daughter drew this during a boring class today...
Heavy rain leaves trail under cristaline water and creates a rare and beautiful scenery
Study finds alcohol use to be the biggest risk factor for dementia
TIL that comedian Ryan Stiles from Whose Line is it Anyway? has been a frequent fund raiser for children with burn injuries, raising over $500,000 for the Burned Children Recovery Center since 2009, helping the foundation to recover from the economy crash of 2008.
When you automatically upvote a Ewan McGregor post
All grown up??
The worst feel.
"I'll just ignore them..."
Modern Warfare 2
My dad, 1993, rocking a shiner he got during an amateur basketball game the day before I was born.
This guy deserves a standing ovation.
Playful passenger pups
Skating down a drain.
Shocking Artistry...
Planned this outfit days in advance
Poke holes in all the condoms given out for the post-olympic orgies. 9 months from now a race of super athletes is born. Steal them, raise them with you as their god. Carry out covert strategic ops, destabilize countries, eventually take over the world.
Cop received 1 day suspension after he dragged woman down stairs by her hair while punching her face and calling her a f*cking b*tch. Now entire neighborhoods have come forward to describe how that cop and his squad terrorize the community.
BREAKING: Linda Belcher (D) flips red Kentucky State House seat that gave Trump 72%
Paramount Drops 'Transformers 6' from its Slate
North Korean speed skater tries to trip Japanese opponent
Turtle stampede
Just a delicate little shift
Wholesome reminder to relax a little!
Fixing the table corner
My son waiting patiently for his checkup
Took this with my phone through my windshield while stopped at a light.
RIP Peter Wang. All of these folks showed up to honor an American hero.
Helping zoomies
kermit savage af
My crystal ball broke
Luck of the Fryrish
The Regular and chocolate lovers boxes have the exact same flavours
LPT Before buying a memory foam mattress, do some research on memory foam manufacturers. Many will custom build you a mattress for a fraction of the cost, with literally the same materials.
When objects fight back
That’s showbiz
LPT: A hose on the tailpipe can direct soothing carbon monoxide back into the car cabin to help your kids get a nice long nap!
1544 0 ArtDSellers We keep destroying our environment and the beautiful creatures that share it with us. How do you keep your chin up and remain optimistic about where humanity is headed? It's tough these days, and I'd love to hear your perspective.
498 0 treyisajedi93 What are you most proud to see change in the world over your lifetime?
1957 0 Sir_Fistingson Hi Dr. Goodall! What was the pivotal point in your career where you decided that you absolutely wanted to study primates in the field? What were the reactions of your peers?
3280 0 TomAnthony My two daughters (6 & 3) are huge fans of yours, and have read about you in both 'The Watcher' and 'Rebel Girls'. They have an explorer outfit they use to pretend they are you. Mathilda (6) would like to ask you: "How did you manage to get so close to the chimpanzees? How did they settle down around you?" Philippa (3) would like to ask you: "Do you have any pets?" Here is a photo of the girls pretending to be you and a chimp:
757 0 Lvl100Munchlax What do you want the world to see your work for?
313 0 Avyroll I am an aspiring environmental scientist. Would you say conservation of natural resources or the protection of species is more important? I'm trying to figure out where I can do the most good. Edit:spelling
382 0 TheTwerkMessiah As a scientist and researcher, how do believe we can make a positive impact on the environment we currently live in considering the large amounts of damage already done to the earth?
92 0 abirdonthewing This AMA just made me giddy with excitement! Dr. Goodall, when I was little, I wanted to be you when I grew up and I am so excited to see you on here. Of course I'm interested in your work but I'd love to know more about your activism. What would you say are the most effective ways people can get involved? For folks with small children, what would you recommend in order to get them involved too? Thank you for being the person I looked up to for so many years (and still do!) and the person that taught me it was more than okay to deeply care about animals. Wishing you well.
1558 0 iorgfeflkd To what extent can the vocalizations and gestures of chimpanzees be converted or translated into a language? Has progress been made translating this?
570 0 metasirena Thank you for doing this AMA. What would you say are the main topics in science that need to be explored deeper right now?
83 0 aroploen91 What kind of music do you like?
325 0 allhailandy Hi Dr. Goodall, My four year old loves reading. She asks what is your favorite book?
1749 0 Axaro_ What would you say was the biggest highlight of your career?
4518 0 GetWeird_Wes What is the secret to your health? You are still so active at what most would consider an old age. Also, thank you for all your groundbreaking work to further science and benefit humanity!
181 0 saoirse24 Thank you for holding this AMA. Is it true you were a fan of [this far side comic?]( Sorry that it's not a great question. I couldn't think of anything else, and I've always kind of wondered about this.
1194 0 mattreyu What was the most surprising thing you found while studying the similarities between chimpanzees and humans?
209 0 Bitchenmuffins Do you think there is a viable way to effect change in conservation without going into the field?
45 0 kinguzi What do you think of the planet of the apes movies?