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LPT: Keep a separate master resume with ALL previous work experience. When sending out a resume for application, duplicate the file and remove anything that may be irrelevant to the position. You never know when some past experience might become relevant again, and you don’t want to forget about it.
First image ever taken of the Hydrogen Atom
Not a method actor
Seizing an opportunity
My First Attempt.
Woke up to a white world, gonna enjoy it from my favorite cozy chair
On the left: Scene from the first season of Stranger Things, set in 1983. On the right: Me, wearing the exact same shirt in 1983.
PsBattle: Dirty Cat in a Rail Yard
We still like cute goats, right?
Peter Wang, a 15-year-old member of the Junior ROTC who was killed as he tried to help fellow students escape a mass shooting in Parkland, posthumously admitted to the U.S. Military Academy. Wang and two other cadets, Martin Duque and Alaina Petty, both 14, were also awarded the Medal of Heroism.
Trucker forgot he was driving a tractor trailer this morning while going through the bridge toll.
Swedish Major Eric Bonde smokes a cigarette after being ambushed and shot twice, Congo, 1961
Tank Puppy sees snow for the firs time at the Toronto Zoo.
At the end of Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, he appears to Deus Ex Machina a baseball to throw at his stereo he left on in order to save himself from being caught. Ferris actually caught that baseball at the Cubs game much earlier in the movie.
Ajit Pai’s Plan Will Take Broadband Away From Poor People
Elon Musk on Twitter: High altitude wind shear data shows a probable 2% load exceedance. Small, but better to be paranoid. Postponing launch to tomorrow, assuming winds are better then.
The year is 2030, robots have taken over the world and made humans their slaves. You have time travelled back to the year 1990 with $1,000,000 to stop the robo-apocalypse. Besides my mum, what do you do?
The 'facesitting' ice dance lift that was removed (but later re-added) by the gold medalist Canadian team for being considered potentially too 'lewd' for the Olympics stage.
[I ate] extra fluffy Japanese pancakes.
Bill Gates tries to guess grocery store prices on Ellen
This morning reflection from my front door
me irl
Dog Thinks
Donna's Contribution to Pawnee's Time Capsule
On the left: Scene from the first season of Stranger Things, set in 1983. On the right: Me, wearing the same shirt in 1983.
[Image] Sucking at something is the first step
Happy Birthday, Anthony Daniels!
Nazi manlet trying to spread his "wisdom". Gets punched in the face. Of course he cries like a coward.
Netflix Lands Worldwide Rights to Next Four Duplass Brothers Films
Cooking crepes like a boss
Dog trying to escape from wolves
You're goddamn right.
Roses are red, I play on the grass,
3030 cubnole Top notch dad right there.
1790 GollyWow Anyone at the police think this road should be looked at when someone goes missing?? Great job for a drone, maybe.
4691 Lord_of_the_friess Nothing like seeing a helicopter story in uplifting news.
9040 mboylan2 "He spoke to me when I got down to the car," Lethbridge said. "I grabbed him and I said: 'Mate, dad's got you'." Samuel's first words to his father were: "I'd love a drink" Nice
2507 UseMoreHops Dad level 9999
199 bikesboozeandbacon That other link with the farmer who broke his neck and held his head up by his hair and drove to help wtf Australia y’all badass af
1089 Iamnotthefirst Good on the dad for recalling the previous accident and not hesitating to get the air search going. One other thing struck me in the article: >With a broken arm, dislocated elbow and small fractures "here and there" according to his dad Small fractures? He had a freaking compound fracture of his femur!
279 jennifersilver2 He listened to his gut and reacted to it. That's such a real feeling we get and often times we ignore it, thank goodness this man didn't.
259 everas Fantastic helicopter parenting.
351 Spaghadeity Ha, *uplifting*.
384 KnapsackNinja Wow, what an amazing story. That's a great father who makes me want to hug my dad right now for putting up with me all these years.
297 Jefferheffer “so I just thought bugger this I'm not going to sit around and wait.”
189 bee_surfs I drive this road all the time. There is nothing but bush and I absolutely believe he would not have been found in a hurry if it wasn’t for the helicopter. It’s a notorious road for crashes, unfortunately I’ve lost two mates on the same road in the past few years :( His Dad is a legend and I hope he gets the recognition he deserves for this.
168 OrangeFern77 Son or no son, he was getting a helicopter.
80 Farlandan This has been a bit of a fear of mine ever since I was riding motorcycles with friends on Mt St Helens and stumbled across a guy who'd wrecked his bike and broken his legs and hands laying at the bottom of a steep embankment about 100 feet down from the road. He couldn't move from where he'd landed. He'd been there all day and his friends had been riding back and forth looking for him for hours, literally riding right by him dozens of times. If my friends and I hadn't decided to stop at that specific spot for a break we wouldn't have heard him yelling for help and who knows how long he would have been trapped down that embankment. Ever since that day i'm a bit paranoid about the concept of being injured and unnoticed, and how easily passersby and miss someone who's in dire straights right next to a road.
47 amaniceguy Knowing the area, the authority should put some kind of barrier, any barrier will do actually.. metal / plastics / nets whatever. The purpose of this barrier is not to stop vehicle from crashing through. The purpose is in the event like this, the authority can minimize the search area by first identify the place where this barriers is clearly breached / damaged.