Ummm... wtf did I just walk in on?
roses are red, i put jam on my crackers
Snake going to bed
Dog's 'cancer' turns out to be four teddy bears
This ginkgo tree has existed for 1400 years.
Waiting for the last moment
Lit father, lit son
Definitely some witchcraft here.
McDonalds kitty.
PORG, the cat!
What can i get for you?
For class, I sculpted Owen Wilson’s nose and collaged it with pictures of Owen Wilson to create Owen Wilson’s Wow meme. My teacher did not get it.
My Pops finally beating Super Mario Bros. on Christmas night, 1988. The Nintendo was a present for "me and my sister".
DiSgRuNtLeD eX-eMpLoYeE fUcKiNg KiLlS rEpLaCeMeNt
HMB, I'm playing a round of Rumba Pong
[OC] Closing a box made of perfect mirrors with a light bulb inside
A reminder for tomorrow
This truck in the swimming pool
Ima do this
This penny I got in my change is 150 years old
Getting ready for a night on the town
Cutting a slice of 23 layer chocolate cake [640 x 640] [GIF]
Well done young man!
The U.K. Just Went 55 Hours Without Using Coal for the First Time in History
Spooky lone oak tree, North Yorkshire, UK. Simon Baxter (OC) [1440x1080]
We need Jesus in this town.
TIL former NBA Champion and Chicago Bulls player Horace Grant continued to wear sports-goggles after receiving Lasik surgery to help kids who were teased over wearing glasses.
The year was 1997, translucent green pieces ruled the galaxy
My wife said she wanted just one child of each gender
Best Friends "Forever"
Mandatory plot twist before official death of meme. Buy buy buy but be ready to sell soon.
Hold My Catnip, I'm going to the butcher to pick out my lunch
Pringles lids seal Solo cups
Babylon Bee (a satire site) gets it.
When you choose to live away from the water so it hunts you down
MRW I'm at summer camp and my bully makes fun of my profuse sweating and premature baldness in front of my crush so I wait until he's about to do the slackline and then I blow on it to make it shake so he'll fall off.
I just wanted a new car.
The U.K. Just Went 55 Hours Without Using Coal for the First Time in History
1409 T-minus10seconds How can you tell who the Purple Heart was awarded to? Is there a name on it or a serial number or something? What amount of detective work would be needed to return something like this? Is it the same for all medals?
154 leetcrew My grandfather was a gunner (I believe) in WW2. He killed a couple of German troops, he had one of their dog tags, his wallet and some of the other stuff he had on him. He felt so bad about it that he tracked down the family of the soldier and mailed them the wallet and dog tags along with a letter apologising. I never met him, heard he was an amazing man though!
4891 King_of_the_pups One day I was cleaning out a storage area like 20 years ago and came across a few medals. Someone had emptied another storage bin, but left the medals behind. The medals were from 3 different fronts (Like North African service medal) I cant remember what else, but it stood out to me that he had served on three fronts. That is incredibly rare, even for support troops. And as it was an apartment storage area, I would have known the guy as well. I knew everyone and never knew one of them served on 3 fronts. I kept them in case the family came back, but eventually some prick stole them. I still wonder which one of the men was the one who served.
757 AnonEMoussie Where did you read this? It’s popping up everywhere in my Facebook feed, and it’s two years old. Two of my aunts have reshared it, and they don’t believe me when I told them it’s been returned! I went to the family’s Facebook page that found it, and people are offering to help her via replies to a picture of a cactus! As I watched four more people posted replies. It’s getting a massive amount of traffic from somewhere.
416 ariphron “Sold his belongings to goodwill” it doesn’t really work like that. I question this story
172 slipcougar In high school in the late 90’s I was in study hall and a friend of mine pulled out a Purple Heart out of no where. I was shocked, and he said he bought it on eBay for $25. I couldn’t believe it, I was sure he was lying. Lo and behold, he wasn’t. I found that particularly sad, even in my teenage, limited worldview.
48 dr0odles My late grandfather’s Silver Star was stolen when our house was broken into back in high school. Is there any way to, if not track down the medal, seek a replacement? Are they tracked/labeled? He always had it framed in his office - I would like to honor him by hanging it in my own.
111 klsi832 Goodwill hunting
22 drunk98 My grandfather tossed his right after the war, giving 0 fucks about it. He's passed now for over a decade, & grandma still occasionally talks about this with a bit of anger.
17 gypsygirl86 I once found somebody's baby book at Goodwill and was able to track down the owner. It actually got mixed up when moving. It was really touching to see the mother's reaction. She brought her daughter to to see her baby book for the first time too. Edit:spelling