He is a failed guide dog, failed for being too friendly (legit) But he now is a disability support dog and my newest best friend. Every day he enjoys a carrot because he is a very "good boy"
this man outside Roy Moore's rally in Alabama
Truer words have never been spoken
Bringing a kids imagination to life
This is Doug Jones, a man who is running for Alabama Senate. He is running against a man who was kicked off the Alabama supreme court for disregarding the constitution and who molested little girls. Let's show him our support.
Polite road rage
512 year old Greenland shark is the worlds oldest vertebrate
Just a reminder that if you live in Alabama, GET OUT THERE AND VOTE TODAY. The rest of the country is counting on you to stop Moore! You can do it!
Happy special Election Day!
AdBlock is real in Russia
Nintendo Switch sells 10 million units worldwide in 9 months!
SQL Clause
Kim jong un’s brutal regime in north korea is worse than nazi concentration camps, human rights leader says
Staples to the head never looked so good.
My therapist told me that a great way to let go of your anger is to write letters to people you hate and then burn them...
In Watchmen, during the diner scene, you can hear a background actress say "I'm really glad I ordered the four-legged chicken!" This is in reference to a panel from the original comic in which a waiter is carrying a four-legged chicken.
PepsiCo makes biggest public pre-order of Tesla Semis: 100 trucks
he died a little bit for our sins • xpost r/tumblr
The tallest (Cornelius Bruns), shortest and fattest (Cannon Colossus) man of Europe playing a game of cards, 1913
Thanks to you, #NintendoSwitch has sold 10 million units worldwide in 9 months! Here’s to an amazing 2018!
Reddit is OK most of the time, but sometimes...
Not the hero Gotham deserves
go get them big boy
LTC $300 on GDAX
A Burnout attempt in front of a store. WCGW
Baby elephant with an itchy trunk
I think I have to update my iOS...
These GUSHY posts and i'm offended!
Boy, 8, collects more than 1,000 toys for children of Puerto Rico.
EU refused to follow the US move in recognising Jerusalem as the capital of Israel
If Trump fires Mueller, the response needs to be immediate. is planning emergency "Nobody is above the Law" protests, which will happen within hours of a Mueller firing. Please join your local rapid response team.
Today r/Futurology is going to #BreakTheInternet to save net neutrality
MRW I introduced my family to GoT and they keep talking about how much they like the "Main Character" Ned Stark
Why consumers should worry about Disney purchasing Fox's entertainment assets
Cockroaches change their gait at mid-speed, a behavior previously only observed in fast mammals. This change in gait is similar to the way horses change from trot to gallop. The discovery could help engineers train robots to walk more stably and efficiently.
An Analysis of Net Neutrality Activism on Reddit
Grammar Nazi at it's worst
The movie "This Is Spinal Tap (1984)" has a rating of 8/11 on IMDb
My father-in-law built this barn in the late 1970's near Duluth, MN. He primarily used wood reclaimed from another barn, originally built in the early 1900's near Superior, WI. They are approaching retirement and no longer raise livestock. This beauty has sat mostly disused for the past 10 years.
1529 afmpdx In the ninth grade, I noticed an attractive popular girl seemed to be glancing my way a lot. Over the course of a few days, I went from playing it cool to looking back and smiling at her. About a week later I realized her boyfriend was sitting on the other side of me and I was just in her line of sight.
385 Marcmmmmm I spent 5yrs in the same class with a girl that was considered to be the prettiest looking girl in the school. I, like most of my fellow students, had the biggest crush on her. I could not talk to her, to me she was unapproachable. She was friendly, smart and a kind person, but I still felt unable to speak to her. Fastforward a couple of years, I'm in my late teens, I'm quite popular, quite outgoing and out with a large group of friends. We were in a pub and I had just purchased some refreshments for myself and a few others and as I'm walking back to my group I hear a 'hey how are you?' It was her, still beautiful, sitting with a group of friends asking after me. What did I do? I fucking blanked her like she didn't fucking exist. I even heard her say as I walked by like some arrogant bellend, 'oh alrighty then'.' Twenty years later I feel sick thinking about what a pussy I was. Amazing how even then, as a cocksure young man she reduced me back to a shy schoolboy who couldn't even say hello to her.
3918 zombiesingularity Reminds me of the time a hot chick at a gas station asked if I was single and then asked for my number. Her friend even said "awww, true love". I thought I was being smooth when I said I'd give her a call if I won the lotto I was buying a ticket for. Then I turned around and walked out, never got her number. I dissed the fuck out of her on accident.
2506 Dtrius Women in general just give me a concerned look when they look at me so those guys did pretty good!
1974 Einchy That man released all Eight Gates.
10810 SevenSix2FMJ I can't date anyone who decides what laptop to buy in that little time.
183 kaizack Man, that reminds me. I was at work at a small grocery store, and this cute girl comes up to me and asks me about something. So, I show her around, help her find all her stuff, etc. After she gets to the checkout and pays for her stuff and turns to me . "Can I , like, get your number?" Now by this point I'm in full salesman mode. It also doesn't help that I'm 16 and it looks like she could be over 18, but you never can tell these days. I gave her the store's number on a business card and wished her a good day. You should have seen the look on my boss's face. Holy shit. I never lived that one down.