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1854 TeamRocketBadger TL;DW - Girls are sold or forced into prostitution as young as 9 - The police, military, and government both AUS and Phillippines know about it 100% and are in on it. There is even a Colonel from the military who is personal friends with one of the pimps. - An independent group plans a sting but needs the government/police approval and support... Hilarity, incompetence, and corruption ensue. - Eventually they get 2 young sisters to sign affidavits which forces the police to participate in a raid and actually do their job. - Someone (from the police/gov, literally.) tips off the bigger players and they mostly hide evidence. They end up catching a small fish bar owner and rescuing a couple girls. - Nothing is done and though they found concrete evidence on the big fish neither country prosecutes and says the evidence is too weak. The young girls (still under 18) have been told that they will be murdered and have gone into hiding. - You will feel like shit after watching this. The most surprising thing is what a pussy the pedo bar owner is. I was expecting some hardcore pimp or businessman but hes mirror image to the pedos on to catch a predator. TIL human trafficking pimps are spineless yet the military, police, and government are afraid of them.
1132 Davismism Aaaand it's blocked in Australia.
248 Gahvynn I live in a fairly nice town in the middle of the USA and I hear stories about this and it breaks my heart and I think how it’s hard to relate because “no way it happens near me”. Then police/authorities shut down a nail saloon a mile from my house for illicit solicitations. Then it comes out that the people were not doing so willingly but rather were forced. And oh yeah some of them were underage. Just heartbreaking.
247 YTTMirrorBot **Blocked in Australia Mirror:** [**Children Of The Sex Trade (2014) - This exceptional film follows two young sisters in the Philippines who help former Australian police and Special Forces officers rescue underage girls from sex bars.**]( ^(57min - 6978714 views) _____ ^(Latest Change: Safari 11.X.X fix.)
55 Meatspheres 2 mins in and I'm already pissed. What's wrong with people?
52 nololchan I wonder if the film makers were aware of the possibility that the two girls would be targeted for exposing people after the film was released. It seems like a major misstep that they didn't protect their identities.
210 sackerfice *sorts by controversial* well, I'll be damned…
98 ichigo2862 As a Filipino, I'm glad they're fighting the war our goddamned cops are too busy to fight looking for druggies to rub out
378 lacraquotte Turn around, rotten comments in this thread...
22 illmattic89 I go to the PI to visit family every other year. It's disgusting to see the amount of corruption that goes on. If you look at the history of the PI you'll see that the government is always plundering the country for their own gains. It's like trickle down corruption it starts at the top and everybody sees it as a norm to take whatever you can despite the horrible ramifications. I wish there were real super heroes to stop these dictators all over the world. Always feel helpless when I see stuff like this.
35 Zealot360 Mother took us to the Philippines when I was 13. I was waiting at the hotel entrance while my mother went back for something. This middle aged Filipino guy working as the doorman approached me and asked me if I wanted girls. I told him I'm only 13 years old. He acted like he didn't believe me at first (a lot of them thought I was an adult since I was already over 6 ft tall) but said no problem, he has girls my age. Rolled out a bunch of pictures kept in a long, folded, laminated book to show me what he's got. The last of my childhood innocence and belief in the goodness of this world lost in a single moment. It was so disgusting to find out later that that shit is so common and basically endorsed by corrupt police and politicians on such a widespread level because of the money kicked back to them.
143 yashumiyu What the hell is going on with the comments here?
15 Dravous I paused the video to read the letters that guy sent. I'm no expert but that looks to me like a straight up psychopath. like those aren't just from a guy who's a pedo....that's some murder you and keep your head in a jar shit....
122 Le_Reddit_Elder Knowing reddit I already know there is at least one "brb booking trip to Philippines now" comment. edit: yep, found it
271 RaDraVsSopdet "You're free from the sex trade! Yay! Now live a long and fulfilling life as we offer no long term support." *Dead in the street 6 weeks later*
86 Memo_moto 50 mins in is so satisfying when they nail that Paedophile scum.
38 n0vaga5 Any reason it's Australian police?
51 TA_Dreamin I've heard numerous stories about this happening in Afghanistan and Iraq and our service men and women are not allowed to stop it.