[Image] You still have time
Eminem celebrated 10 years of sobriety yesterday.
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MRW I take the cookies out of the oven but forget spray down the baking sheet beforehand
TIL that The Sex Pistols were asked by their manager to write a song called "Submission", hoping they would write about bondage. Instead they wrote a song about a submarine mission.
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Give her to me!
Donald Trump playing golf in his own club. West Palm Beach, Florida, 2010.
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Hey hoomans, "dont mind me taking all your shit, I got a family too."
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We . . . may have made a terrible mistake
New CPR device
For brown widow spiders, sex is literally a matter of life and death. If a male chooses an adult female, chances are roughly 50/50 that she’ll eat him afterward. But if he mates with a younger subadult female, she’ll let him live to see another day. Despite this, the males prefer older mates.
Eminem Celebrates 10 Years of Sobriety
For every Upvote, I’m planting a tree :)
Accurate enough
So sweet....
?? This 125+ Year Old Rhododendron “Tree” In Canada looks like it's covered in bloody flames! ??
Alberta woman 1st adult in Canada to be 'cured' of sickle cell anemia through stem cell transplant
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Schizophrenics of Reddit; What is the scariest hallucination (visually or audibly) that you have ever experienced?
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The worst thing about identity thieves is how stealthy they are.
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Here’s my completed project car. 1969 Mustang
The Rock Drops Big Surprise on High School Student Who Asked Him to Prom
4270 polkadottulip 1 - That baby is super chill. 2 - I'm a bit misty eyed.
869 monadsmell Cute baby, looks so much like Matt Damon!
272 Keyblade27 Oh damn, did he name his baby after Guillermo? William is the English name for Guillermo, vice versa. That's sweet.
56 sunamumaya Billy: This thumb. This thumb is very interesting, I'm going to hold on to it for a while!
551 GuySimile Jimmy's a sweetheart. > The two cutest Guillermo's in the world right there. TIL Jimmy named his son William after his security guard in chief, Guillermo.
341 _bwoah_ My son is the same age as his son, so this hit really close to home for me. Until this past year I was largely indifferent about Kimmel but nowadays I'm so impressed with him. While it's not uncommon for wealthy people and their families to have medical problems, it is very rare to see someone like Kimmel who fully understands how fortunate he is and then devotes himself to raising awareness on behalf of those who are not a part of his socioeconomic class. I've gained a huge amount of respect for the guy.
1812 [deleted] Glad billy is doing well. I had 2 heart surgeries as small child and just had pacemaker replacement surgery on Friday. Thankfully I live in Canada so I’m covered and never have to worry about being able to pay for these procedures. Seeing this makes me realize how lucky I am. I really hope America gets their shit together one day and realizes letting people die unnecessarily is fucked up and disgusting. Especially so some rich prick can have more money.
1256 orbit222 Like a lot of people I think I originally thought Jimmy Kimmel was a bit of a joke as a late night host. The guy from The Man Show and Win Ben Stein's Money? He just seemed like a nobody. But over the past few years I've realized he's actually a very genuine person and is a very good interviewer. It sucks that his son has this condition but it's great that his treatments have been successful so far.
772 AFlaccoSeagulls The thing about Kimmel is that he stands to directly benefit from the tax cuts, yet here he is going against them because he knows exactly who will suffer when they go through (the poorest Americans). And he knows programs like CHIP are being sacrificed in order to pay for these cuts. The fact we're actually cutting healthcare for children or saying we can't afford it while funding more resources for the Afghanistan war is fucking embarrassing.
26 IMovedYourCheese I love how Jimmy was struggling between using his hands to emote while talking vs. hold his baby. Adorable.
90 [deleted] I love how we have to call our congressmen every few weeks and beg them not to kill us.
646 BrooBu So upsetting what he said, millions of kids are at risk of DYING because of tax cuts for the walthiest minority of our country. Our government is so backwards if they put millionaires and billionaires tax cuts above kids' lives. This is our reality, it's no longer hypothetical, and yet life keeps chugging along. I wonder what will finally be the tipping point for the American people? Anyways, adorable kid! I can't believe a week later he seems so good, what a little trooper. :)
79 thenixnerd My daughter had the exact same surgeries this little guy did! Unfortunately, people with congenital heart defects often require surgeries over their entire life. My daughter definitely will. Glad this little dude crushed surgery #2! Shouts to my cardiac unit fam!
90 [deleted] He should have the docs that did the surgery on the show. I had open heart surgery at 9mos and am endlessly grateful to the experts at Strong Hospital for saving my life.