'Explosion' at Manhattan bus terminal
Mother is moved to tears after her daughter meets Wonder Woman
No one will notice....
Vladimir Putin orders withdrawal of Russian troops from Syria
Student owns his unenlightened professor (xpost /r/badphilosophy)
HMRB While I Fly This Race
Dress that makes your body thinner
at playing it cool
Me irl
HMB while she flies
You're a SCUM if you have preferences
My 8 year old daughter has just discovered Bob Ross.
But my resolve has never been stronger!
Fuck Comcast
This white china plate survived the 1906 San Francisco earthquake. The pattern was permanently burned into the glaze by the subsequent fire.
Winston Churchill handling a 'tommy gun' during an inspection of invasion coastal defences near Hartlepool, County Durham, England. 31 July 1940.
Put a banging donk on it
Are you aware? Comcast is injecting 400+ lines of JavaScript into web pages.
A fluffy waggitty wag Christmas present
Plot twist
These trees in Austria are fucking with my brain
Someone stole the doors off a neighbor's car last night
Provence, France
Oh you're playing? Well... I'm tired, let me just... Purrfect.
YouTuber who had 30 plastic surgeries to look like boyfriend’s favourite porn star, now regrets it
MRW I told an anti-vaxer that their argument was as ridiculous as a flat-earth argument and they replied, “Oh, so you’re a round earth sheep too?”
Maneuvering a plane
What's the best/scariest/most interesting 'internet rabbithole' you have found?
Players, the test servers will stay open until PC 1.0 comes out on live servers! The transition to Phase 2 will be relatively seamless and there won't be any downtime today. There will be maintenance periods to deploy patches as needed. We highly appreciate all your help.
Today I turned down a job application from a man who threatened to rape me.
Child falls off of father’s shoulders.
Sahalie Falls Oregon (4032x3024) (OC)
I guess option B is off the table...
Found these old lockers and turned them into a functional piece for my living room
[Image] From the 5th book of Marcus Aurelius’ Meditations, here’s a little motivation from arguably the greatest and noblest emperor in the history of Rome.
Feeling cute, might delete later
A real winner
Hawaiian Day Octopus striking a pose ??
9114 JellyNinja Hi OP, I'm also originally from Sac. I looked through your bucket list to see if there was anything remotely possible I could help out with (in addition to donating). This might be kinda lame but I could probably help with item #47: Give a speech on something I know nothing about. I'm a medical student at UC Irvine, and I know a few students at UC Davis. If you were interested we could probably organize a lunch talk for Chris to present to a bunch of medical students. It's pretty commonplace for us to invite patients to talk about their experiences so we could try to make it happen if you were interested. Please lmk! Best of luck to you two.
11100 therealjackbox Hey, /u/dillwillhill, I work with Jack in the Box. Not sure how far you are from our nearest location, but I was able to pull together some gift cards to help make #43 (Ordering 100 of an item from a fast food place) happen. Let me know if you would be interested in this, and I can send you the gift cards. Edit: OP has PM'd and we are in contact!
7552 a-dizzle-dizzle "Find love before I die" You have a friend who was willing to drop out of college to help you fulfill this list. Pretty sure you found it already :-) Edit: omg yes I'm aware it's not the same as romantic love. But in case that doesn't happen since romantic love can't just be conjured up or accomplished like some physical goal, I think there should be some real comfort in the fact that his friend loves him enough to do this. Thought that would be obvious, but, you know...comment sections. ;-)
248 jsisto Hey OP, I'm from Sacramento and would like to meet up with you and cross a few things off. #19 TP Someone’s House - I know plenty of people we could do this too. #21 Go around and give homeless people food and water - I'm part of where we go around giving supplies to the homeless in the area. #51 Meet someone from Reddit. Would enjoy meeting up with you, Cheers!
1117 BigShowFardy If during your around the world trip you stop in Ireland ive a couple of electric guitars you can smash to shit
1295 RealSchon You can buy 100 items from a fast food place and knock out feeding homeless at the same time.
4267 dickmoveguy I hope the doctors were wrong and you two look like fools in a few years.
6988 AlexCBu Good luck guys. Thank you for sharing.
487 Abraxxes Not sure where you're from but I saw that skydiving was on your list. My family owns a skydiving dropzone in Wisconsin and I can give you guys free jumps if you want from there. If that's too far just let me know where you live and I'll call a skydiving center near you and hook something up. Just let me know how it works.
1352 PifDM1 /r/Paintball let's get a big game for guy!
786 Ayy_2_Brute Good luck man. My best friend died of cancer and I wasn't able to go with him on his great adventure. Hope you guys make this really special.
1771 TheOriginalFaFa You're a good friend. Not many would stick by another like this.