Took pot brownies to work today. HR loved it.
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Avicii är död
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Watching her puppies.
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Doctor appointment at 8:20, currently 10:00, still no sign of even a nurse.
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TIL that in 1973 the Who’s drummer Keith Moon passed out mid-show. The band continued without him for several songs before Townshend asked, "Can anyone play the drums? – I mean somebody good?" 19 year old Scot Halpin, who had bought scalped tickets came up and played the rest of the show.
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Dwight's Drug Investigation - The Office US
4322 The1uniquesnowflake Danny sitting there eating his toast..."oh yea and my sister shot herself."
1650 saphirra1209 I’m so sorry for your diagnosis, but you seem to be making the most of what time you have left and that is admirable. That being said, Danny seems pretty uncomfortable and unengaged. I hope you don’t lead all conversations with “I’m dying and my sister shot herself when I was in high school. Wanna hear my funeral arrangements?”
2209 Clashin_Creepers I thought you were banned from /r/videos
2361 fatmanjogging It's cool that you got to meet Danny Devito, but man, that was uncomfortable to watch. Aside from that, good luck with your journey.
1861 Zmod225 “I have cancer” “I have cooooaaffee” Lmaoo 😂😂😂
429 hbpaintballer88 That turned out pretty awkward
2869 themummra Dude, you dropped some pretty heavy bombs on the man trying to have breakfast. Probably loved hearing about the girl shooting herself in the head with a shotgun while he was eating.
1152 ChaseRebecca Aren't you guys banned from reddit on like 6 different accounts? Haha, great vid
3569 Lannister963 1. Fuck cancer 2. Danny Devito is an awesome person and I'm happy for you that you got to meet him. 3. Meanwhile, block the wind. I'm gonna roast this bone.
873 salmon10 Jesus Christ could you be more of a downer at breakfast..let the man eat he knows your dying and women getting shot and shit is weird
288 undersight Very difficult to watch. You’re clearly dealing with a lot and I think you need to talk to a psychologist about it.
1519 cragcrag God...I really don't want to sound like an utter cunt here...but this is one of the cringiest things I've ever seen. I mean you do you man, absolutely, but the man's just trying to have his breakfast. Where's the breakfast chat? Where's the jokes and the making-the-best-of-things?   Where's the making the most of meeting one of the most versatile and storied actors of all time, one of the funniest guys around who has a lot of stories to tell and a way of telling 'em?   Did you say anything other than "I have cancer. And my sister killed herself"? Ergh I dunno. This video is a bit weird.   **edit:** Another poster articulated it far better in one sentence that I did with this ramble: > He knows you're dying, that's why he agreed to have breakfast with you
56 hypernova2121 i like how almost all the top comments are just roasting OP
280 theblackxranger uhhh. okay, just enjoy the moment with him. Make it a happy memory. You made Danny sad.
241 designgoddess Was he trying to make Danny cry?
338 Book_it_again Lol this guy is so weird. Banned from reddit for vote manipulation and begging for sympathy. Gets to eat with Danny devito and talks about himself and cancer and suicide the whole time. I feel for Danny in this video
255 Dangles87 I know the guy has cancer and I wish him the best, but at the same time he is a huge attention whore.