2833 TooShiftyForYou "Be careful to avoid this new stuff."
10125 1337butterfly maybe they think you got a new carpet and they don't want to get mud on it?
1035 DaydreamKid Plastic runners are lava.
2137 lemoninski Cover the entire room with the runners. Now they have no choice. You've got them this time!!
987 [deleted] [deleted]
1227 jsuzcrust Up vote for assclowns
923 theoreticallyben It’s probably because it’s an unusual texture. Give it time and they may get used to it. They could end up avoiding it forever though. I’d recommend trying a reward based system to train them to use it. Of course, if they’re going in and out quite a bit that may prove inefficient.
174 [deleted] [deleted]
142 baicai18 I bought one of those blackhole litter mats for my cat so it would hopefully collect most of it. Extra big one at that. That punk cat decides, nope, let's just long jump over it spraying more litter everywhere
276 [deleted] [removed]
52 Schnauzerbutt How to take care of carpeting. Step one: throw it in the trash