1670 chewy4x4 How tall are you?
732 toeofcamell You’re like a lifted truck in a small parking garage
223 sconning Ueno Station, has a lot of places like that with really low ceilings and walkways.
682 cfo6 I had the opposite experience as a short person - everything fit (clothes) and I didn't feel like everyone was towering over me. :)
602 PM_me_your_spacegoat A friend of mine from high school is is 6'4" and is currently on vacation in Japan. He put a pic of him holding this business man on his Snapchat a few days ago. Apparently 3 people have come up to him so far and asked for a picture of him holding them.
537 darksoulsnstuff Man the best part is when you lose your friend in a train station and start to look around, turn a corner, and see them down at the other end because you are both at least a foot taller than anyone else within a mile radius.
145 politeeks I spent 2 minutes staring at this picture trying to figure out what was so funny about the restrooms.
65 Drabul The sign does say to watch your head, but that other dude seems like he would slip right under.
28 1320Fastback This is me at Disneyland
22 MakkaCha They want you to learn how to bow down.
16 bboycire The sign does say watch your head in Japanese (for the local), so this is just a very low passage