352 Powly674 I waited for this meme since I saw Kylo using the good ol trick for the first time
224 JeffK3 I really like Kylo's Ship
46 DSheeezy anakin also does this when chasing general grievous with obi wan. just rewatched the prequels
68 ElCincoDeDiamantes "Do a barrel roll!"
25 TJatPBnJ r/equelmemes
17 UnitedCitizen Not gonna lie. It totally worked when piloting in X-Wing vs. TIE Fighter.
10 rfc1118 “It’s like poetry”
7 Santander91 Kylo Ren reminds me of the goth dude from the IT Crowd.
4 Jellyjellybean01 Do a barrel roll
3 waffledog88 Actually in universe that trick I think works, because the trackers used by the turbolasers or whatever try to predict your moves, so spinning would put them off. Just a thought I had while watching the movie.