248 sb120985 Saw a way better one, Maui at 480, Dwayne Johnson at 1080p, and a literal rock at 4k UHD
54 Dash12345678 This image is barely even above 480p
28 Burgerman711 4K turned him to jack black?
14 bhemblem The bottom picture kinda looks like that bearded lady from Greatest Showman
17 ActivateGuacamole Today is one of those days when it really hits me how many of the submissions to r/funny aren't funny at all.
6 watashiwalsh “You’re welcome”
6 Maxter_Of_Disaster It’s oddly satisfying how Maui’s tattoo lines up with the top of Aquaman’s head.
5 123Logdatei This just doesn‘t make sense.
4 fullretarddotaplayer can someone explain the joke to me
5 matthias7600 Low-latency 240Hz smoothing is the coolest feature I've seen since 1080p.
2 WaywardWoodsman I see what’s happening here...
4 ericayager29 Yeah he’s pretty gross. Idc what anyone says.
2 IT_techsupport Ironically this picture has a resolution of 640p, with is not even enough for an hd-ready display.
1 sergeant_cabbage "What more can i sayyy, except. You're welcome"
1 freepickles2you Your welcome
1 Decoo04 What about 8K?
1 Atmey My only regret of 4k, is that I can see mustaches on women.
1 JotoroJoestar Now I want 4k TV at my home
1 Tankninja1 The bottom one looks super menacing.
1 Pro2U It's funny because you literally made the 480p version look like utter shit with compression.
1 MemeMarineC1 IZ is the 8K version
0 Namahsllort One can only view Claudio in 4K
0 AmericanGamer34 I honestly feel like Roman Reigns could fit somewhere on this.
0 linksus I spend more time looking at the imperfections of the actors than I do the move now I have 4k.