377 muggledave It's even funnier if you look at the timeline. As someone already mentioned, they're holding "this is the end" which came out on DVD October 2013. Blockbuster LLC "ceased operations" in November 2013. Not sure how many stores were in operation past that date, but I can't imagine he got very many movies out of this deal.
64 SKMonkyDeathCar Guess he needs to move to Alaska.
78 CT_7 The real joke here is Blockbuster had the chance to buy Netflix and passed
37 ScheminScout People shit on blockbuster. but the gaming pass (unlimited gaming rentals each month) they had was awesome.
13 uniqueusername0054 Hawaii blockbuster
9 Eckish This is why you always choose the lump sum.
7 NUFCbenARFA As much as it's funny to joke about Blockbuster and them having the chance to buy Netflix etc, I do miss the feeling of going to the store with your parents and looking through the large selection of videos/dvds etc. Maybe it's just nostalgia speaking, but now that you can't do it anymore, it feels like I should have appreciated it more haha.
6 K_Rayner Two per ***month***? When I was a kid we’d get two a weekend, plus a SNES game. Lifetime supply my ass.
3 Rude1231 What movie are they holding?
3 Kithsander I worked at a BBV around 2004. I had to go to another store that was roughly a forty minute drive for orientations. A lot of corporate rah-rah and nonsense. They asked some questions. I answered. A few days later when I was back in my store my manager, very cool lady, called me into her "office". It was a desk in the back storage area that wasn't as quite loaded with crap as the rest of the storage area. Apparently someone had saw my, "What do you think BBV will be in five years" answer and didn't quite appreciate it. It was 2004. It was pretty obvious even then that with Tivo, and not too much longer more mainstreamed On Demand and Redbox, movie rentals from chains were going the way of the rotary phone. They made me watch two or three more corporate videos. Oh well. I'm sure those videos I watched helped keep the company afloat a few more years.