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Oh, hi Mark
This really got to me.
In a parallel universe
Taste the rainbow.
friend is moving away for a new job
The Good ‘Ole Foot
Irish Women
Spotted this sign in my neighborhood in Chattanooga, TN. I like the local authorities.
Dat Face!
Trying retain information while running on 2.5 hours of sleep
Thanks honey..
Your typical bar scene.
How it really was
Butt made from straws, so you can suck my ass.
Back to relevance
How to impress a parrot
When you're hungry but delicate AF
Crossfit at its finest
My sister took her cat for a walk last fall. We still don't know if he was enjoying himself...
For the aggressive dieters
Longest interview ever
They mounted a vegan to the wall at my local butcher shop.
Saw this at school the other day...
Lego torture
Like a boss??
?? I love the internet
The chickfila cashier was so religious that they gave a 1 cent discount to keep the total from being 6.66.
It's all or nothing!
simple solution of racial issues
For all the kids that grew up in the 90s and 00s.
Cat trap
He's gonna kill you with cuteness
My students keep asking me for 50 cents for the vending machine. This is what the next one is gonna get.
The tool board I made at work. It’s been up for 3 years now and nobody has ever mentioned the chicken.
Cats having brain freeze
Have you ever heard a Chicken sneeze?
Spring is here
Barney going through a tough time
636 RutgersThrowaway97 Lets do the math to calculate our chances. [The official makeup of Reese's Pieces]( >50% orange, 25% brown, and 25% yellow I can infer from the cover art that this is in fact a [48oz bag of Reese's pieces]( 51 pieces of Reeses pieces equates to [40 grams]( of Reeses pieces. 48 oz to grams is 1360.78 grams. 1360.78 grams of Reeses pieces is (51/40)*(1360.78) = 1734 pieces. Thereby: 867 pieces are Orange Reeses Pieces 433 pieces are yellow Reeses Pieces 433 pieces are brown Reese Pieces with one tossup piece being brown or yellow [The official makeup of most M&M colors is]( *Edit: Given the variable distribution by state I used the information for 2017 distribution located further down in the article. >M&M'S Milk Chocolate: 25% blue, 25% orange, 12.5% green, 12.5% yellow, 12.5% red and 12.5% brown. From the art I can infer that it is a [56 oz bag of M&Ms]( As per the M&M website 7oz of M&Ms is [approximately 210 pieces of m&ms]( So the 56 oz bag will have (210/7)*56 = 1680 M&Ms This gives * 210 brown M&Ms * 210 yellow M&Ms * 210 red M&Ms * 420 orange M&Ms * 210 green M&Ms * 420 blue M&Ms Finally we have the skittles bag which looks to be a [41 oz skittles bag]( Skittles are [evenly distributed]( by color (purple, yellow, green, orange, red: 20% each) and there are 400 skittles per 16 oz. So to find out the entire amount of skittles per 41 oz bag. (400/16)*41 = 1025 skittles. As per the even distribution there are exactly 205 skittles of each color yielding. * 205 red skittles * 205 yellow skittles * 205 orange skittles * 205 green skittles * 205 purple skittles So now we can discern that there are roughly 1025 skittles, 1680 M&Ms and 1734 Reeses Pieces yielding 4439 distinguishable candies in the bowl. Should you select a candy entirely at random, you selection would have the highest probability of being a Reeses Piece (39%). For purposes of taking risks by color and not being able to infer the difference between them by the obvious M on M&Ms, S on skittles and glossy sheen on the Reese Pieces (lets say you left your glasses at home) the best bet would be able to choose a piece by color. When choosing a red piece (210 M&Ms + 205 skittles = 415): 51% chance M&M 49% chance skittles When choosing a orange piece (205 skittles + 420 M&Ms +867 reeses pieces = 1492) 58% chance reeses piece, 14% skittles, 28% M&Ms When choosing a yellow piece (205 skittles + 210 M&Ms + 433 reeses pieces = 848) 24% chance skittles, 25% M&Ms and 51% reeses pieces When choosing a green piece (205 skittles + 210 M&Ms = 415) 49% chance skittles, 51% chance M&Ms When choosing a blue piece 420 M&Ms, 100% chance M&Ms When choosing a purple piece 205 Skittles, 100% chance skittles. When choosing a brown piece (210 brown M&Ms + 433 brown reeses pieces = 643) 33% chance M&Ms, 67% chance reeses pieces. So in order of percentage chance: Best shot at getting a skittle: * purple 100% * green 49% * red 49% * yellow 24% * orange 14% Best shot at getting a reeses piece * brown 67% * orange 58% * yellow 51% Best shot at getting an M&Ms * blue 100% * red 51% * green 51% * brown 33% * orange 28% * yellow 25% So in conclusion, if you want a skittle, go with purple, if you want a reeses piece go with brown and if you want an M&M go with blue.
1107 therawrj Eat the blue ones, there are no blue skittles (unless you like that Tropical bag, but it looks like the normal bag) or blue Reese's pieces.
171 PM_ME_YOUR_CLIT_LADY You underestimate my fatness
819 qvantamon Am I the only one that eats them one at a time, instead of shoving a fistful of them in my mouth at once? If you eat one at a time, a mixed bowl like that sounds kind of cool.
107 LurkersGoneLurk I feel like that would be awesome if you took out the Skittles. Obviously, that’s the joke, but the other two mixed up sounds great.
208 aronnyc Especially people with nut allergies.
31 Baladas89 I'm pretty sure this was outlawed by the Geneva Convention...
11 physis81 Evil. That's horrible. I've done and seen some shady shit but nothing ever like this.
12 Is-not-a-valid-user I have come up with the ultimate prank Ask people at a party to guess how many M&Ms are in a jar, but only place 1 M&M and fill the rest with skittles
40 Greentooth87 Calm down, Satan.
66 Send_bitcoins_here I did this once at a party a friend was having. Turns out the party was more of a formal adult gathering.. How was I to know. Tossed the same combo in a bowl and set it out before anyone noticed. Couple hours in the confusion started to set it. Iong story, short.. I made a lot of enemies that night.
42 Graphitetshirt You deserve bad things in your life
19 NotNotSmart /r/madlads
9 cellounge10 We would no longer be friends if you did this to me.