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how to drive on ice
Bug in matrix
One of my best friends married his girlfriend yesterday. Our other best friend was his witness.
I was...too late [OC]
Donny Kerabatsos Action Figure
A Newspaper Police Blotter
Enthusiasm at its best!!
I wanted to see if people would actually write reviews for jail. Was not disappointed.
When you do all the work in the group project.
Good job Canada: This is too dirty....
Cool timelapse of roadwork being done
Not my problem
Do you even vape bro
This little monster is a Brussels Griffon
Reminder for Michigan drivers, no more snow to hide shitty road.
You went the wrong way
Didn't think I'd like my new REAL ID photo, but they gave me a killer wheat comb over!
Viva la resitance
The demicolon
Justice served.
Dog spotted sleeping during chemistry lecture...
MurderTank not happy with cat waking him up
I really HOPE they listen....
Well that complicates things....
"Choose" Your Own Adventure
Gas companies HATE him
History Lesson
Doggo knows..
Someone in my neighborhood was getting angry because people were pissing in front of a building where he lives. He ended up hanging this sign
Which cup would you take?
I told my daughter that CDs have music on them.
Yup, the older I get, the weirder math gets
Friend of mine’s daughter was in a chess competition. Safe to say she brought her game face.
Cat.exe fail
She Asked for a Pony for Her Birthday
Light as a feather, stiff as a board
My girlfriend takes Zuko on shoulder expeditions through the house, so he can examine things in high places.
There was a cockroach
This is what happens when you bring a goat indoors
Actors you recognize but can't name.
51 din7 So if you're reading that... you may want to stop breaking into people's vehicles and posting pics of it online. P.S. Turn off the overhead light.
26 hawkesburycooper That shit wouldn't happen if you had the viper
20 Mafiya_chlenom_K My car has only been broken into once. They took my stereo and left a PS2 (brand new at the time) and a crapload of games sitting in the back seat. Was a long drive home.. didn't feel like unloading right away. That was the night that my pet spider died (brown recluse named "Fuckshit").
7 enfugz are you by chance in Baltimore?
5 the-silent-man Must be near Patterson Park
3 kickasstimus I've never been to Baltimore. I lived in College Station Texas for a while, just after Katrina and Rita. There were a lot of desperate people in CS around that time. My car was broken in to so many times I stopped locking it and, unless it was going to rain, just kept the windows rolled down, or the top down. I got tired of replacing windows. I had a Ford Mustang. My radio was stolen along with a bunch of burned CD's. My center console was stolen along with my air conditioning duct work. My airbags were stolen. My convertible top was cut open for some reason. (The car was unlocked) Someone tried, but failed, to steal the seats, the gauges, the wheels, the trunk lid, and the spoiler (all separate incidents.) Almost everything that was removable from the car was, at some point, the subject of a theft or an attempted theft. People tried to steal the whole car but couldn't manage to start it (kill switch). I caught a guy doing just that. I lazily told him to get out and lazily called the cops.
3 JonTheBold "Thanks for the F shack." - Love, [Dirty Mike and the Boys](
3 Iamnotthefirst I know a guy who had his crappy car broken into more than once. The last time they left the door open in the middle of winter so he found it full of snow in the morning.
2 tiffanysugarbush This is really really sad, not funny.
2 makewhoopy PT cruiser dash?
2 onemetallicat Way to stay classy Baltimore!
2 beckoning_cat Worked in Baltimore, can confirm. My favorite was when someone smashed my window to steal my handicap parking tag and then I got a parking ticket. fuck baltimore.
2 I_Came_Premature In baltimore about a month ago i walked into a store for all of 3 minutes. In that time someone broke into my car to steal the change from my center console. Felt so violated.
2 pazimpanet I was in Baltimore last weekend and it made me very sad seeing what could be such a cool city in such a gross state. While we were there a homicide detective got murdered. I spent a while on /r/Baltimore and got even sadder. It's a weird thing that people post revelations that they traveled to other cities and realized that they don't have to feel like they're in danger "whenever they leave their houses." Other people posting about wanting to leave because they don't feel safe getting shouted at and cussed out in the comment section. Hopefully they can turn it around.