58 iCapn Bees?
40 GivinGreef This is a shit tier post
9 pencilvia Probably have better luck plugging in the Canadian Bee on the first try.
9 chief_check_a_hoe Ever get he feeling the USA’s backup plan is a USB?
7 CollectableRat Now somebody show me what a Bum Ball Bee would look like.
18 [deleted] [deleted]
3 hotaru251 No pic of giant Asian hornet with venom strong enough to melt flesh?
3 fatkidstolehome Important to watch for the Boo Bee as well
2 GeishaB I fucking love puns
2 knightopusdei the difference is that a Canadian bee will still be capable of transferring fear and pain whether it is upside down or not
6 jwbartel6 One stingy boi vs one storage boi
4 Goleeb It's funny because the U.S. bee's population is collapsing, and this is the only U.S. bee we have left.
2 abeth For a second I thought this was a Black Mirror joke. Freaking love that episode.
2 gothman667 That joke was so horrible that it got me. +1 for you
1 Magicphonebooth /r/im14andthisisfunny
1 lorensingley Then there’s the UCB which subtlety undermines them both.
1 memebase_blows Good Sir/Ma’am, That is a flash drive.
1 KIRBYTIME What about the [Japanese Bee?](https://youtu.be/Yi7KWVCwmkI)
1 TheCreeperAssassin69 It's hip to BEE square!
1 jamisonglory Standard honey bee actually came from Europe iirc
1 adish Im pretty sure sandisk isnt a US company either...