1060 Never__Daunted Could God make weed so dank not even he could smoke it?
97 [deleted] [deleted]
594 TommySava /r/comedycemetery
200 FeelingzDontMatter Oh, I thought this was /r/comedycemetary
26 silentdragoon Is this just a shitty remake of [this old tweet](https://twitter.com/matt___nelson/status/744010878379507713?lang=en)?
67 Pakamaniac How high was God when he made the platypus?
91 Voelkar I always thought r/funny was actually.. funny and I couldn't agree with people saying that r/funny is literally r/comedycemetery. Until now
30 Deizel1219 r/4panelcringe
14 5k3k73k That's nothing compared to the Seraphim. They have six wings and eyes all over their body. They also had hands that could use tools like tongs to grasp hot coals (God doesn't have radiant, forced hot air, or oddly enough solar heating). Strangely they could also talk. Apparently they were created just to remind God that he was indeed holy (in case he forgot).
21 _duncan_idaho_ So someone took a tweet and turned it into a shitty comic?
33 Holden_Magroin22 r/comedycemetery