103 Rpn0708 The baby and I have a lot in common.
61 Ben_Beastly Should have just summed it up as "baby/parent needs".
12 basshead541 It's to help them sleep
9 PM_ME_YOUR_HIKE Baby needs beers, & whines FTFY
9 theregularlion According to my parents, this is how you get the little fuckers to go to sleep.
7 aestus "Infant children require nutrition and sustenance from many different sources in the first year so it's important to vary it's beer and wine intake. From stout to pilsner and red to white wine, making sure your baby consumes the biggest variety of plonk will ensure a healthy, happy child." Taken from The Great British Child Rearing Guide, 1972
14 gntlz Actually in a marketing course I took once they talked about this exact example. Mommy sends Daddy to buy some diapers to the baby, so let's "remind" Daddy also to pick up some beer for himself in the way to the cashier...
5 studioline As a parent I can tell you these are well placed. Baby needs diapers, daddy needs a drink.
4 Silliestmonkey Better than a Xanny Nanny
7 toobs623 r/crappydesign
3 Jabun72 Bosco’s guns, liquor, baby needs. (If anyone gets that reference I applaud you)
3 Carissamay9 Trust me, they know.
3 Arcadian1 Pretty sure this was genius.
3 large_farve Nobody puts baby in the corner.
3 jimx117 Stupid babies need the *most* attention!
2 theJackofalltrades07 r/ShittyPhrasing
2 DCmusician Nobody puts Baby in the corner.
2 Lardzor "Honest honey, it's not for me."
2 Magneticitist Merchandising in action.
2 JeremyMo88 They wouldn't put it on a sign if it wasn't true, right?
1 [deleted] [deleted]
1 oldtimeguitarguy I get the humor here, but seriously - kudos to the person/team who thought to adjoin these aisles.
1 hotaru251 Buy needs for baby. Buy booze and passout Wake up and give baby $5 for not dying ad your asleep.
1 Ericchen1248 I took a course on big data analysis. The teacher is also the CEO of one of the big data analysis firms in my country. He said during one of his contracts with a supermarket, they somehow got that the people who buy alcohol were rather highly correlated to people who bought diapers. Edit: the original source was a rumor that Walmart did something like that and got beer and diapers, and he decided to check it out himself on his data sets. Otherwise they wouldnt normally notice something like this. It wasn't so strong that it would have generated a blip on their normal outputs.
1 Soad7812 We need something to bring to the baby shower! Don't worry. I know what baby needs.
1 Cetun Looks like a sign from a place in Orlando I went into and it would have weird stuff on signs like “chips , salsa, soda, water, dr. Pepper” and I’m like what the fuck, like dr pepper? Like isn’t that just soda? Why did they point that out specifically? There would be other isles that would pair weird stuff together like this too.