105 deedeemeen Seeing how there are multiple Easter Island heads...they must be cramped in there
29 puppykittenstarwars I like how this says “x-ray view of the Earth.”
7 Megaman1981 So, he'd have a really tiny little head, a huge, long ass body, and itty bitty little toes.
6 pnerdalicious Why is there even such a thing as a flat-earther?
3 eggn00dles honestly watch [this](https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rcKahraBiBY) documentary on ancient structures. they do line up across the world for inexplicable reasons, and have spawned some crazy ass theories.
4 PapstJL4U My bed is not a globe and I have the same problem...toes out on one end and head on the other!
3 human6742 Why wouldn't his wang be like Mt Everest or something
3 turbotac0 This is actually a bit terrifying to think of
5 itbeamess Maybe it's like he's taking a bath and both his head and toes are poking out
2 mayagrafix This is good
2 _Z_E_R_O Someone send this to BoB stat
2 lifesforliving I live quite close to Stonehenge and have heard all of the explanations ss to why it's there ....... this has to be my favourite!! Hahahaa
2 Floofeh [WHAT'S THE DEAL WITH STONEHENGE](https://youtu.be/mbyzgeee2mg)
2 mricon Ohh... Ohh, so *that's* what that huge statue in Rio-de-Janeiro is.
1 Fridololo The dick is the core of earth.
1 better_than_ant Impossible. Everyone knows the earth is flat!!!1!!1
0 Klepto666 So why is Stonehenge in a circle at the top, but in a straight line at the bottom
0 gnart_ “ X-ray view of Earth” Um what
0 Dave_TG Did you know that you can draw a straight line between Stonehenge and Easter island? And people try to say that aliens don't exist...