100 kittykatz23 R/accidentalrenaissance
68 Azzarrel Top 10 Anime betrayals ...
20 The_Jester12 Et tu, Brute?
13 Arms_Trade *Colourised* - 1842
20 T_Grif I've been laughing uncontrollably for 5 minutes.
37 rawrc O no fren, why? I lift my head, awoo at sky. No pupper, doggo, mutt, Hav permishun to bite my butt.
5 Silas_Grimm #meToo
4 Blazewing2010 No one can replace Rembrandt Brown. There's only one Cryin' Man.
5 ouij The expression reminds me more of [El Greco](https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laoco%C3%B6n_(El_Greco)) than Rembrandt.
3 Morphenomenal Nani!?
6 GC4hire27 Looks like a porg to me. #porgconspiracy
3 hdjkcuskcj Te look on the dogs face WHY!!!
3 Pkgoss This is actually Katt Williams getting beat up by a 10 year old.
3 Eskelator Thought Rembrandt was baroque...
2 Icy_Tail Someone ps the golden ratio on hahaha
2 ikindalold Why have you forsaken me?
2 Hostillian A modern Daphne and Apollo.. :) (The one at the Borghese)
2 pillz I cant stop laughing. This is my new wallpaper... For my house.
2 SgoodSgood You mean phlegmbrandt?