293 PNG_FTW The moment it draws in it's 67th customer though, it's paid for itself!
48 QuakeMurphy Seeing Americans drinking Newcastle Brown Ale is something I still find really weird. It's this almost forgotten drink in the U.K. that's popular where it's from but you never really see anyone drinking it anywhere else so to see how popular it is in another country just facinates me.
25 caffeineisking I'm from Newcastle, it still amazes me Americans drink that stuff.
13 Homme_de_renaissance 6$ for a beer? Is that normal for the U.S. ?
17 EggMcFlurry you saw it in your repost folder?
14 Zza1pqx $6 For a Newcastle Brown Ale? Suckers
6 mrlaksivrak Is this in Oklahoma?
2 PM_GPOY A 6 dollar beer? You don't put burboun in it or nothin'?
4 EliotHudson Subliminal advertising doesn't work at all, now excuse me while I go kill Sir Walter Newcastle...
2 LordDrakos 6$ for a beer what the actual f