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how to drive on ice
Bug in matrix
One of my best friends married his girlfriend yesterday. Our other best friend was his witness.
I was...too late [OC]
Donny Kerabatsos Action Figure
A Newspaper Police Blotter
Enthusiasm at its best!!
I wanted to see if people would actually write reviews for jail. Was not disappointed.
When you do all the work in the group project.
Good job Canada: This is too dirty....
Cool timelapse of roadwork being done
Not my problem
Do you even vape bro
This little monster is a Brussels Griffon
Reminder for Michigan drivers, no more snow to hide shitty road.
You went the wrong way
Didn't think I'd like my new REAL ID photo, but they gave me a killer wheat comb over!
Viva la resitance
The demicolon
Justice served.
Dog spotted sleeping during chemistry lecture...
MurderTank not happy with cat waking him up
I really HOPE they listen....
Well that complicates things....
"Choose" Your Own Adventure
Gas companies HATE him
History Lesson
Doggo knows..
Someone in my neighborhood was getting angry because people were pissing in front of a building where he lives. He ended up hanging this sign
Which cup would you take?
I told my daughter that CDs have music on them.
Yup, the older I get, the weirder math gets
Friend of mine’s daughter was in a chess competition. Safe to say she brought her game face.
Cat.exe fail
She Asked for a Pony for Her Birthday
Light as a feather, stiff as a board
My girlfriend takes Zuko on shoulder expeditions through the house, so he can examine things in high places.
There was a cockroach
This is what happens when you bring a goat indoors
Actors you recognize but can't name.
116 nocontroll If anyone here doesn't know about it check out [The Last Blockbuster's twitter]( It's one of the best twitter feeds on the planet.
14 daleytalk Originally I think it was Block Buster.
11 Frozen-assets I'm willing to bet if you investigate the ruins it will provide your Civilization +20 Culture. If they left an employee behind maybe even a free Settler.
19 Rdt767 There's a tale that a disgruntled employee comitted suicide here and still haunts the place to this day. On some nights you can hear the endless sound of VCR tapes being rewound well past closing time and the employee muttering something about revenge. The employee supposedly tore open a VCR tape and fashioned it into a noose. That's why you should always be courteous and rewind your tapes before returning them. The vengeful spirit vowed to exact revenge until all tapes were returned and rewound properly. However, since the store went out of business shortly after, many tapes did not get returned and the spirit is doomed to wander those empty halls for all eternity. Many mysterious "anomalies" stsrted occurring around the store. Lights flickering. Cars stalling for no reason. Several missing persons reports were filed with people last seen near the store. One girl was found with what seemed like very large claw marks. 4 fingers and a thumb. She claimed to be attacked by a large dog. The thing is...dogs attack with their mouth, they don't have claws large enough to attack a human with. Locals just avoid the place altogether these days. It seemed that staying away was the best way to prevent strange things from happening Or at least, that was the tale. Until strange things started happening in the homes of people with unreturned Blockbuster rentals...
8 GrinderMurphy Hey! Saskatoon made front page.
5 binder673 Someone needs to photoshop Randy Marsh in the window of it.
6 musicianspermission They say that the spirit of the late fees still linger.
5 afairjudgment The old Blockbuster in my city is now a 25% coffee house and 75% dentist office combo.
4 nhath1 Whenever I see an old abandoned blockbuster I immediately think of the South Park episode.
4 chlorine_cowboy Growing up my parents would take us to Blockbuster every once in a while and man it was a huge treat. We would walk every aisle looking for a good movie or game. Absolutely loved going there.
4 drumellow There would be a weekly ritual where people from all walks of life would gather to roam the aisles and pick a good movie each Friday night.
5 Beard_o_Bees I'll hold out for the ruins of Best Buy. You could build a swanky club in the husk of a Best Buy.
3 AmpCapone I wonder if the black licorice next to the candy is still there?
3 Ebercon Who left behind a perfectly good Pontiac Sunfire?!
3 Woeitsgracie As a kid I looked forward to turning 18 so I could rent my own movies at blockbuster ;(
3 dr_nebulon Unless my eyes deceive me, I think this is the one on 8th Street in Saskatoon
3 khabitch I always went to this place called Family Video growing up Rented Pokémon movies all the time.
3 tygrenier Let it be known, there is still an operating Blockbuster in Soldotna, Alaska as well.
3 imblindman Damn now I feel old
3 rab236 I found a $20 blockbuster gift card the other day. I could probably buy the entire company with that