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A bitter man’s dying wish
My husband always got colored pencils for his birthday and Christmas growing up and he hates them cause he’s colorblind. He’s wanted an iPhone forever so today I bought him one and this is how I wrapped it.
I’m not quite sure Fox News thought this graphic through...
The Best Full Page Ad Ever
I should learn the accent first before I decide to be enlisted.
Chris Pine checks out Gal Gadot, and brilliantly saves himself
Imagine losing because of your penis
Guy in my town really knows how to decorate for the holidays.
There is always a dog that will spoil the photo
Waiting in line
Anybody see where my toy went?
Can't wait to get a kiss under the missle toe this year
That feeling you get when you're saving your species.
Teen Jeopardy
Just another day at the office...
More actresses stepping forward accusing Michael Cera of giving them blue balls.
My grandpa sends me this every time I'm on my phone next to him
My boss gave us Friday off
Future of VR porn
Ms. Moore I give you 1/2 a star.
No thanks, I won't be opening that
Self Explanatory
Stephen Curry on a Korean TV Show
FINALLY, a country that cares about light pollution!
Swedish National Handball Team. Wiggle wiggle.
Have you ever wondered why women live longer then men?
When your country laws allow you only one plant.
I do the same thing when I see cake, baby
Ill bet this was a drunk idea gone right.
Lest we forget, this guy was defending the Homeland from terrorism 30 years ago
“Does he bite?” —— “No, but he judges you”
A man's best friend
Breakfast of Champions
Dear Santa... it was worth it...
A joke book from 1940, And it was pure savage
Haha mom
Wait for it :D
112 nocontroll If anyone here doesn't know about it check out [The Last Blockbuster's twitter]( It's one of the best twitter feeds on the planet.
12 daleytalk Originally I think it was Block Buster.
11 Frozen-assets I'm willing to bet if you investigate the ruins it will provide your Civilization +20 Culture. If they left an employee behind maybe even a free Settler.
19 Rdt767 There's a tale that a disgruntled employee comitted suicide here and still haunts the place to this day. On some nights you can hear the endless sound of VCR tapes being rewound well past closing time and the employee muttering something about revenge. The employee supposedly tore open a VCR tape and fashioned it into a noose. That's why you should always be courteous and rewind your tapes before returning them. The vengeful spirit vowed to exact revenge until all tapes were returned and rewound properly. However, since the store went out of business shortly after, many tapes did not get returned and the spirit is doomed to wander those empty halls for all eternity. Many mysterious "anomalies" stsrted occurring around the store. Lights flickering. Cars stalling for no reason. Several missing persons reports were filed with people last seen near the store. One girl was found with what seemed like very large claw marks. 4 fingers and a thumb. She claimed to be attacked by a large dog. The thing is...dogs attack with their mouth, they don't have claws large enough to attack a human with. Locals just avoid the place altogether these days. It seemed that staying away was the best way to prevent strange things from happening Or at least, that was the tale. Until strange things started happening in the homes of people with unreturned Blockbuster rentals...
6 GrinderMurphy Hey! Saskatoon made front page.
6 binder673 Someone needs to photoshop Randy Marsh in the window of it.
5 musicianspermission They say that the spirit of the late fees still linger.
4 afairjudgment The old Blockbuster in my city is now a 25% coffee house and 75% dentist office combo.
4 nhath1 Whenever I see an old abandoned blockbuster I immediately think of the South Park episode.
4 chlorine_cowboy Growing up my parents would take us to Blockbuster every once in a while and man it was a huge treat. We would walk every aisle looking for a good movie or game. Absolutely loved going there.
4 drumellow There would be a weekly ritual where people from all walks of life would gather to roam the aisles and pick a good movie each Friday night.
6 Beard_o_Bees I'll hold out for the ruins of Best Buy. You could build a swanky club in the husk of a Best Buy.
3 AmpCapone I wonder if the black licorice next to the candy is still there?
3 Ebercon Who left behind a perfectly good Pontiac Sunfire?!
3 Woeitsgracie As a kid I looked forward to turning 18 so I could rent my own movies at blockbuster ;(
3 dr_nebulon Unless my eyes deceive me, I think this is the one on 8th Street in Saskatoon
3 khabitch I always went to this place called Family Video growing up Rented Pokémon movies all the time.
3 tygrenier Let it be known, there is still an operating Blockbuster in Soldotna, Alaska as well.
3 imblindman Damn now I feel old
3 rab236 I found a $20 blockbuster gift card the other day. I could probably buy the entire company with that