1569 mark_simus Oh man... as an almost bald man, fuck this! But it made me laugh my ass off and it's true...
637 EmileKhadaji There's an old saying: If you're balding in the front you're a great thinker. If you're balding in the back you're a great lover. If you're balding in both you think you're a great lover.
97 Neoxite23 As a guy who went bald at 25.... Ouch. This hurts.
552 imakeitmoist Do bald people still use shampoo?
466 Nosiege Yea, no one as muscular in that picture would wish they didn't "have to" work out. They do it because they like it.
46 superjean10121 As a man losing his hair..... this really hurt my feelings lmao.
42 AnAngryPirate I love how the rich guy is Ric Flair. WOOOOOO
32 leonryan i am all three guys on the left.
22 Qyro As a man bald before his 30s, fuck this comic strip. It’s too real.
18 electricfoxx A poor guy can't get rich as easy as a rich guy can get poor.