73 [deleted] [deleted]
31 BuGabriel Ok, please post the entire story
10 mommarun This happens to me all the time.
39 Insanebrain247 I love it when I see "one thing led to another" because you could put that into nearly ANY chain of events and it'll be funny. For example; Adolf Hitler failed his art exam, one thing led to another and the USA drops a nuclear bomb on Japan.
7 Futuramawe What happened to the little sister?
5 apartment_life I just want to read the rest of that
5 petitdragon06 Yada yada yada...
2 Rsgdanny This is a Seinfeld “yada yada yada” moment!
1 Silver28Soul any idea where the original article is?
1 Blank-_-Space Was this written by a dog? Who was being helped, the attacking dog or the post man?