290 crawling_king_snake1 Once every 2-3 years? Lol I wish haha ha...ha... :(
45 Catsarenotreptilians 27 year old virgin checking in here, you have absolutely no idea.
30 BadGimp I'd kill for that kinda action...
92 CannibalisticChad Ya, but can he jerk off with his hippo hands? Dont think so.
13 Zanos-Ixshlae 2 or 3 times! What is he, some sort of Cassanova?
7 diggerbanks How many levels of mean-spiritedness and pathetic perceptions of winning and losing does this entry have?
5 [deleted] HA! You are wrong! I never mate!
5 gmikoner /r/meirl
2 confusedtopher My horns also line up in very much the same way.
2 Mal_Reynolds84 I wish I got laid that often
2 mexitalian_91 Too close to home bro
2 ClaudeAtlass That's racist
1 [deleted] Railing a bigass line of rhino horn makes it *all worth it hunny*