228 srcica Because regular parking is too mainstream
85 ukuleleemusic The reg plate spells out what the driver was thinking.
113 wonder-maker Right car, just wrong model year.
26 Daimo "You weren't supposed to scratch the bloody doors off!"
23 Dolorous_Eddison [link to a local news article for those interested. Appears to have been stolen ](https://www.chroniclelive.co.uk/news/north-east-news/italian-job-eat-your-heart-14404918)
18 Whiskeyjack88 Never thought I’d see Morpeth on the front page!
39 nyyankees2085 Jesus Christ it's Jason Borne.
8 SoiledPlant How did they get out?
25 Willste What's truly funny is, the fact that you're probably not incorrect.
8 allute CLARKSON!
8 smokey-grapefruit21 So excited to find another Morpeth person on here!
6 ma8jbr Morpeth?