43 CCCmonster That's not being playful, that's a fetish
17 drmarkoff Great finally someone else has a cat that dose this. my is not alone
6 paralasis101 *deep sniff* ahhhhhh FEET
4 Emskiies is he japanese
4 lllucas58 "Looks like no mice in here either..."
4 Gone333 Whiskers deep in that there shoe.
3 ubersebek We have an orange tabby that is obsessed with feet. He constantly curls up with a shoe, resting his head near or in the hole like OP's. I thought it was a cute quirk, then I awoke one morning and looked over at him doing it again. I said good mornin' buddy, he looks up at me, then pukes in my shoe.
3 BarryZZZ Shoes are the gateway to cats huffing.
3 TenchiRyokoMuyo My Dog does it. She'll straight up LICK the inside of your shoes if you don't put them on a counter. Got a cat a year ago...and now not even the counters are safe.
3 thegr8mizuti I wish my cat did this. Instead he’ll pretend other people’s shoes (never mine for some reason) are his new scratching post, and I have to yell at him.
2 FictionalNameWasTake "Im just gonna go ahead and sniff these shoes really quick just to make sure theyre safe... *SSNNNNNNNNIIIIIIIIIIIIIIFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFFF* OH YEA! oh, oh yea, these shoes are indeed dirty"
2 hatryd Awww it means he loves your smell!
2 WiseOldSilverback Cats like things that stink.
1 Zomborz What a weird cat
1 laalot Huffin' dat stank
1 HPIguy jowls deep!