346 createusername32 This makes the South Park scene where the dog shoots itself even better
109 best-commenter Who’s Paris Hilton, grandpa?
203 jonasdash the poor thing looks physically deformed and surely has a host of mental issues! and that dog doesn't look so good either
70 AUniquePerspective I'm out of the loop so I don't know what this is from but please, dear god tell me you didn't elect her to office, America.
16 PM-me-2-talk Anybody else thought of Dirk gently?
98 howdoyoulikethemAPLs Just so everyone knows, she’s actually not squeezing the dog even though it looks as if she’s actually squeezing the dog.
12 Tnacboy19 Poor Butters
9 TheAmishBatman If it were anymore inbred it would be a sandwich
21 jeffinRTP I'm sure there are pictures of her squeezeing other things.
5 LineOfSight That's a tear rate increase right there
3 NachoSauce007 its her spirit animal
4 H-E-DoublePockyStix I'm gonna call him George and love him and squeeze him and hug him and keep him for my very own.
3 pow3llmorgan Well that's a face only a mother can love.
3 MaracaBalls Perro’s Hilton
3 ShinyDisc0Balls Cumon internet, don't make her relevant again.
3 M0b1u5 That spastic thing is wearing a crown. What the hell?
3 jippyzippylippy Is it me, or is her nose getting longer and longer?