815 Timinator01 when you water your chia pet too much
190 Laoks77 "I'm fine, this is fine"
438 CatMan_Snowball The dog isn’t pretending everything is ok, because everything is ok. Because he’s still enjoying life as a green doggo bush
135 Pakmanjosh Psst, hey kid. Wanna buy some memes?
320 Tskcool such leaves, much green, wow
49 juniperinlove I mean, the literal translation of the name is Brushwood Dog. So, it went back to it's roots?
52 IFoundTheCowLevel “This is my life now”
23 Tick-or-Teat r/ThisIsMyLifeNow
40 CCCmonster Fresh Doge right off the vine. Doge bush needs some Miracle Grow as the yield was pretty low
21 turkeysub3000 Leave it to Shiba Inus to be counterintuitive.
16 urbanlife78 That is what my dog did when he got stuck in a bag handle last week. I found him at his food bowl eating and acting like this is his new life, the bag is now a part of him.
11 nooneisanonymous We need a gif of the dog disappearing back in to the bush like Homer Simpson.
5 ron_duh MeIRL
7 darkone2087 Did doge coin go up?
3 sinfernal much leaf, so wow !